Career Success

Career Success

True success is all-round. This means you must succeed in all areas of your life including your career. Your work is one of the major means by which God will bless you. It is your tool for achieving your dreams and for blessing others.

This audio product will teach you how to:

  • Rise to the top of your career and increase your earning power.
  • Develop a reputation for speed.
  • Produce outstanding results.
  • Develop good working relationship.
  • And much more…

Dear Sir, I am so happy with your inspiring messages every day, I really appreciate your effort on all of us. I have learnt a lot from you. I can proudly tell you that I own a commercial bus here in Lagos, at least, I am no longer solely depending on my little income from salary now. I have something bringing in income aside salary, Glory be to God.

I am proud to belong here. God bless you sir. My dream is to own a transport company that will service the whole country, and gradually go into intermodal and Multimodal transportation. Thank you so much.
– John

Price: ₦ 2,000 (Audio)

Creative Thinking

Creative Thinking Audio Sleeve

Everyone was designed by God to be creative. Interestingly, the older we get, the higher the tendency to lose our creativity and become restricted in our thinking.

A survey was conducted on people of different age groups to determine at what age individuals are highly creative. It revealed that at age five, 90 percent of us are highly creative. However, our level of creativity begins to decline such that from age 20 and above, only 2 percent of us are highly creative.

What can we do to retain our level of creativity?

This information product, Creative Thinking will place in your hands the tools on how to:

  • Unleash Your Creative Ability
  • Be Flexible In Your Thinking
  • Develop The Capacity To Dream
  • Invent A New You
  • Discover The Capacity To Solve Problems
  • And so much more…

Price: ₦ 2,000 (Audio)

₦ 3,000 (DVD)


Imagination Audio Sleeve

An American mechanic R.G LeTourneau started having dreams of earthmoving vehicles. He would draw the pictures he saw, give it to industrial engineers and they would design it.

He was the first to build bulldozers, tractors etc. He became a multimillionaire just by using his imagination.

In this Audio CD and DVD pack titled: IMAGINATION, you would discover how to:

  • Unleash your imagination for the actualization of your goals.
  • Use your imagination productively.
  • Engage your mind in problem solving.
  • Harness your imagination in wealth creation.
  • And so much more

Price: ₦ 2,000 (Audio)

₦ 3,000 (DVD)

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