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SACP TESTIMONIES | Success Power Media


“Your daily letters have been a great eye opener and a source of inspiration to me; in fact, I am becoming better every day on my job and ministry. Thanks so much for this and God bless you.”- Dr. Victor

“Dear Sir, I first watched your TV programme on NTA Calabar in September 2012. Incidentally, that was the period I just started having problems at my place of work. I subscribed and received a free material from you on “7 costly mistakes I made…” That was one of the “most real” stuff I have ever read! Your daily emails have been my daily guide since then. Long story short, I had to quit my job. You said lack of capital is no excuse! I opened my own cocoa store today, 24th of April, 2013 and I have made my first purchase already! I am fulfilled and confident that someday I will share an extraordinary success story with you. Keep doing what you are doing; building confidence in young people. God bless you.” -Eugene

“I have been blessed by your inspiring and encouraging words. I really enjoy your advice and I am working with them. Thanks for being my mentor. I finally started a marketing agency business and you are my source of inspiration.” -Ovie

“Thank you sir for all the enlightenment and understanding I have gotten and still getting through the various e-mails I have received so far from you. My rate of digesting the information has increased and my capacity to retain vital information necessary for my transformation has improved as well. More importantly I am putting to practice the things I am learning. I want to really appreciate you sir. My perspective about life has really changed. I check my e-mail everyday to make sure I don’t miss out on any development about the coaching program. I pray for increase of God’s grace upon your life and ministry.”- Poju

“Thank you sir, since I started this coaching programme, I have being blessed greatly. I even started my ministry and God has been faithful to me.”- Timipere

“In line with the email received from Success Power on May 20th, 2013 welcoming me to another beautiful week, loaded with favour and good news, I wish to testify that I have just received a mail inviting me for a scholarship test on 25th May. I hope to succeed in the test as more inspirations and wisdom will continue to flow from you. Remain established my mentor.”- Daniel

“Good morning sir. This coaching programme has been amazing and of tremendous benefit to me. It has awakened my dreams, aspirations and vision. They are burning so much in me and I know that it is of God. Thanks so much and remain blessed. I will be sharing my testimonies very soon”- Nkasiobikaka

I am indeed very grateful for your effort towards mentoring me to be a better person and a good leader. I cannot quantify the value of blessings I have received through your everyday message to me. You are indeed God-sent. More grace sir. Your anointing will not run dry in JESUS name. Thank you so much.”- Psalmist

“Dear Sir, I wish to wholeheartedly appreciate you for putting out your experience about life in ‘7 costly mistakes I made.’ I am a Nigerian, studying for a PhD program in Accounting and Finance in one of the Universities in UK. While online, I saw your advert and decided to download it and spend some time to look at it. I must confess that I am really blessed. I got a new orientation, especially on the topic that talks about the fact that “it is not the place you are that matters but what you do that counts. As a result, I have a change of mind to come home and contribute meaningfully to our society instead of staying back as earlier planned. Thanks once again and God bless you.”- Job

“Thank you so much for your emails. Thank you most especially for jolting me up to testify of what the Lord is doing through this mentorship relationship. Lest I be like the nine lepers who didn’t come back to give thanks to the master! I have been immensely blessed ever since I got the privilege to be your protégé. The testimonies abound greatly and I will share as often as they come. My entire life has received a ‘refocusing’, my ideas have been polished and my dreams awakened by the testimonies of your life which you share. I am so excited and grateful to God that today I am a leader and entrepreneur. I no longer think beggarly the way I used to. My tolerance for mediocrity is totally diminished and I am so free to see the awesome unique plan of God for my life unfold. I am indeed a SUCCESS! Thank You JESUS.”- Adetola

“Hello sir, I have been really blessed by all your messages. My status has really changed, now I know how to spend my money. I was promoted to be the manager in the company I work and I have been there for only about 1year & 8 months.”- Frank
“A very refreshing morning to you my mentor. It has been amazing the tremendous amount of improvement in my life and work since I joined your coaching class. I have always keyed into the daily teachings I receive. My approach to issues of life has changed. I have also used what I learnt so far to be a blessing to others. I bought six copies of “The Super Achiever’s Breakfast” which I gave out to friends and the responses have been awesome. Thank you sir.”- Victor
“Dear Sir, I am most elated to be part of the transformation that God is using you to do in the lives of people both young and old. I must confess that I have been tremendously blessed by your messages via the internet (email) and your mentorship is having a positive impact on me, thanks.” -Amaechi

“I am now in my early 40s. There has never been a TV programme I enjoy so much on AIT every Saturday by 7am like Success Power. It remains a programme I recommend for all those that think it requires miracle to succeed or those that believe witches prevent them from being great. As a Muslim, it remains a non Islamic programme that my family knows I do not miss. Sam Adeyemi should be named “ASI ASO LOJU IRO.”- Taiwo

“Sir, please accept my sincere gratitude for the impact of your teachings
on my Ministry/Calling. I now have the courage to attempt some
ministerial assignments I had thought impossible before. For example
I am presently holding a Gospel Crusade that is receiving the
cooperation and support of people. I have also finished writing a book and I am
awaiting publication. Also, your writings enhance my writing as a positive/optimistic writer. Thanks and more grace on your life sir.”- Samuel

  • Oluwatobi

    I’m happy to read these testimonies. I’ll be sharing mine soon too. More grace to you Pastor Sam

  • JOHN

    How do I join this program too sir.

  • Obute Joseph

    Dear sir, Pastor Sam,
    You are indeed a blessing to this generation. Thank you for making your self available to be used.
    I have been an ardent follower of your programme long before the SACP level 1 which I enrolled as one of the early participants. I am also on level 2. I have not been commenting due to critical engagements and application of your teachings. My testimonies are great as I have achieved a lot and will be shared soon.
    Many thanks.

  • Pastor T

    Pastor Sam has a unique grace to teach not only success principles but also systems that will give any vision the opportunity to flourish. I personally know that the Lord divinely connected me to this program in this season of my life and it has been a blessing to me.

  • Aizebhughele Kelvin

    WOW finally

  • Aizebhughele Kelvin

    please can someone guild me on how to get my materials on SACP level 1 i have paid. i can’t wait to start reading them

    • Titilayo

      Hello Kelvin, could you kindly give us your name, phone number and email address? And also send a text to 08084444466. Thank you!

  • David

    I am trying to comment in the forum but it’s not allowing me to do that.

  • Peter ThankGod

    This is an incredible…. Thank you Pastor Sam A.

  • Peter ThankGod

    Life is a journey which leads to fulfillment and purpose in life with the most best people who will catapult you to your destiny. Pastor Sam Adeyemi is one of such legend to the world for as many that know him…. We work by faith not by sight.

  • Peter ThankGod

    I sincerely want to thank you and appreciate you for this great work God has entrusted in your hands for humanity. Indeed, I am blessed by your inspiration, Insight, Impacts, Prayers, Unlimited love, and Teacherability, you are God’s sent. I am so grateful find you as my mentor, coach, Senor Brother, Elder Brother, Pastor with an UNCTION flowing greatly unstoppable… Thank you a million. ThankGod

  • Joyce Mimi Addingi

    I am feeling blessed to be here already, Thank you so much for this opportunity to learn more