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People Who Avoid Failure Inevitably Avoid Success | Success Power Media

People Who Avoid Failure Inevitably Avoid Success

History tells us that while attempting to invent the incandescence light bulb, Thomas Edison, the world famous American Inventor, failed 10,000 times.


After 5,000 failed experiments, his laboratory attendant said to him; “Mr. Edison, we have failed 5,000 times, shouldn’t we stop?” Mr. Edison replied; “Son, we have not failed 5,000 times, we have only discovered 5,000 ways in which it cannot work. We are closer to the solution now than when we started.”


Success is the achievement of predetermined goals. But how do you respond when things do not go the way you planned? Do you feel discouraged and depressed? Does it make you want to quit? Everybody wants to succeed, no one wants to fail. However, our knowledge of success cannot be complete without knowing how to handle failure.


Successful people see failure as a stepping stone, not a stumbling block. They have the right attitude that failure will neither be fatal nor final. They refer to their failure as “learning experiences” or “temporary setbacks”.


On the other hand, unsuccessful people are usually those who are so afraid of failure and rejection that they spend their lives avoiding the risks that could result in failure. They do not realize that those who avoid failure inevitably avoid success.


Don’t be afraid to fail. Success will not come without you taking a risk.

Don’t let what you have done label you negatively. That you failed an interview, an examination or a sales pitch does not make you a failure. Who you are is different from what you have done.


Don’t say to yourself; “I am a failure” just because things did not work out right. If you do that, you have internalized your failure. If you allow failure to get into your heart, it will follow you everywhere.


A key thing to note is that failure is usually a sign that you need to change something. If things are not working, something is out of place.

Be willing to make adjustments prayerfully. Just a small change can result in an outstanding breakthrough.


Always remember that failure is not peculiar to you. Most successful people can write volumes on how not to succeed. They have tried many things that did not work. However, the world has not recognized them for the many ventures in which they failed. No. They have been recognized for the few areas in which they have achieved outstanding success.


Dear friend, as you travel on the road to success, you will have challenges. If you get knocked down, are you going to give up and stay down, wallowing in your defeat? Or are you going to get back on your feet as quickly as you can? You can use failure as a springboard to success.


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  • peter omemu

    A very inspiring information that makes sense. Thank you

  • Solomon Iyore

    Sir, I recall a quote by Earl Nightingale, he said ” Those who never take the chance of loosing, never take the chance of winning”. This statement has always pop up in my heart whenever I need to approach a task I am scared off, and whenever I apply the principle, the result is always astonishing. Thank you sir for always pointing us to the true meaning of success. God bless your richly.

  • Prince Adewuyi Adeyemi

    This is really FOOD for THOUGHT. GOD will continue to Glorify HIS name in us.

  • Oluwaseyi Ukpong

    You are truly a blessing to me sir. Thank you for this writeup. May you continue to grow on wisdom.

  • Oluwaseyi Ukpong

    You are truly a blessing to me sir. Thank you for this writeup. May you continue to grow in wisdom ijn..

  • Oriaku Onyekachi

    Sir you are truly blessing to me, may the good lord continue to strength you day by day in Jesus Name AMEN.

  • Gablaw

    You are a blessing to this generation Sir! God bless you!!!

  • Akin Akindele

    God bless you sir for this piece. It inspires me a lot and it was just a right word for me at this present moment in my business endeavor. Many thanks sir.

  • christian Egbe

    I have being reading ur mind of success thoughts for awhile now n it has really changed my thinking method.you are a gift to mankind.God bless n strengthen you.

  • Nwakerendu Fort Ike

    This article is quite encouraging. I have experienced failures in seeking success in various areas of life. The beauty has been that each of them ends in outstanding success and makes me better. I know that even the one I am experiencing will result in another outstanding success like others. Thank you sir.

  • Elias Kingsley

    Sir, you are a blessing to this great generation. I have already made you my mentor, because through you teachings there is a lot of changes both physically and spiritually. The Almighty God will continue to bless you sir

  • Mosese Ola

    Sir you are truly blessing to me,God bless you sir


    Sir, I joined in in the discussion and wrote my views down here even before I read yours up there and of course before I even clicked on the provided link. Then I saw I wrote several things you wrote before I even read what you wrote. Wow! I’m becoming like you! I take it I’m going to the Top. Meet you there, Sir! I’m grateful for all the past experiences that have molded me into who I am now. I’m still ” work in progress” though. And I’m thankful I came to Daystar! Your messages, your words, your Coaching…they’re transforming me! It’s phenomenal metamorphosis! I’m impressed! Thanks a whole lot, Sir! You don’t have any idea what you are doing to my life! I’m going to be great ‘cos I’m great! I’m a success story just like You! THANK GOD! He’s gracious. He’s been so good to me..!

  • BM

    I used to shy away from hardships and ostensibly anything that challenges my comfort zone, even when that comfort zone is that of poverty. However, I came across a scripture that says unless the ear of corn falls and dies, it can not multiply. I realize then that every-time, the path of great success will always be laced with embarrassing failures. The ear of corns intention is to grow not to die, yet if it does not die it cannot grow.
    This revelation has opened my eyes to the secret of living without attachment to things, status or places. If you require to move up or go to another level of success, then you must be willing to let go of that which is at hand, in other words failure is a key price to success.

  • Olabode

    Every of your thought in this article are real. It’s me that don’t give up keep pressing and imbib winning attitude. Thank you so much sir.

  • Lola

    In 2006, I failed an exam and wanted to give up on the course of being a member of CIPMN. I later changed my exam and wrote the exam. Today, I’m not only a member, I have been able to teach others one of the courses (OR) to also become members. Failure is part of life but more importantly, one must fail forward. Nice piece. I’m thankful I met you sir.

  • Akinniran

    I am happy with your consistent encouragement sir. Only few people can do this. I know God is your helper. The words spoken to our lives are great. Each day filled with different encouragement. I am impressed with it. Thank you sir.

  • Ogechukwu

    Thank God for using you to improve the lives of many. I have been following your teachings for years, and they have really been of tremendous help. I have always been a procrastinating person, so anytime I fail at something, it gives me a readymade excuse not to do it again. But now I have overcome it, and I have stopped procrastinating, I am no longer afraid of failure and I am not scared to start something all over again. I must say that your messages are truly inspiring. May your wealth of Wisdom never run dry.

  • Ijeoma Okpara

    Dear Sir,

    I recently wrote a test for a job I was so confident I would get, but something went wrong. I did not check to see if I had everything in order, I discoved this big error four days later. It was a very painful experience, even the thought of it makes me kick myself sometimes, course vintage me would have doubled checked just to make sure.

    I learnt a very big lesson, am still pushing forward, its not holding me back.

    Thank You Sir.

  • tobi

    A story goes those that one woman always pray to God for his son day and night and when the grew up, God told the son that no matter what happen to him or whatever that comes his way, he can never fail because your mother had prayed for you. Up till today, the man never fail so our Lord Jesus Christ never fail. The word of God said if we believe and have faith and that whatever we ask in His name with serious mind, He will. Although, there might be some circumstances on the way to test our faith but i believe we will never fail. Let look it from different perspective, why people fail?

  • Faith Omosigho Ofolu

    I used to be very afraid to fail but based on this revelation, I am encouraged to actively and continously change the way I think and see things. God bless you sir. I once failed an exam and it was like that failure sent me into exile. I lost confidence in myself and I allowed it to drag for too long and it deeply affected me but I thank God because He came through for me. I have learnt since then not to dwell on the negative because what you dwell on becomes your reality. I am still learning. Thank God.

  • Ayodele Emmanuel Adebayo

    God bless you sir for this revelation. I always believe that falling doesn’t makes one a failure but when we agreed to stay down does make one a failure. Failure opens our eyes to see new way of doing what we do not know how do better to make is perfect.

  • Temitope Obafemi

    Thank you very much sir for your life.
    Thank you for bringing it home seriously like this, that failure actually have its purpose in our lives, and understanding this purpose actually makes us a better person each time we go through one.
    Please permit me to share this discovery in the parable of the sower according to Luke’s account:
    I saw a business man in that story who has a business dream and from the look of things, its such that he has never done before but he was never afraid to fail, he was ready to make that dream come alive. Its obvious that he has not been in that business before in that his first attempt was a total wreck yet he never gave up. Every next attempt was an improvement on the former until he finally got it right and made a good 100 fold harvest.
    Here are the lessons i got.
    1) He was persistent.
    2) A failed attempt never discouraged him; how do i mean: after every failed attempt rather for him to be discouraged asking why me, his questions where always what went wrong. After failure of the 1st attempt and he asked what went wrong, he discovered the he had sown his seed on the path way reason why men trod on it, and on the ground surface reason why birds could eat it up. So he discovered that that should not be. So he looked for where men will not pass (on the rock) and where at least he could hide the seed in the soil. But he soon discovered after this 2nd attempt failed and asked what happened that he got to know the soil must have good enough dept for nutrients for the plants to grow.
    The 3rd attempt, he went forward with better knowledge and the plants grew well. He failed this time because as he discovered weeding must be engaged as the plants grow, without which weeds (thorns) will choke the plants.
    At the 4th attempt, the application of all knowledge of pass failures paid off and he had the breakthrough that paid off all the past debt incurred during failed periods.
    I just know fear of failure can never cripple me again.
    3) He always ask the right questions after every failed attempt.

    • Ijeoma Okpara

      wow..dis really blessed me.

    • Tracy Ezebuike

      Profound, I must say. Thanks for sharing this

  • Mfon Etuk

    Thank you Sir for the inspiring message. Many at times I used to personal failure but now I know better. I guess the problem is the attitude we put up when we fail at something. Instead of seeing it as a learning process like Thomas Edison did, we tend to personalize it. Lately I have been using every failed attempt at something as a learning process and even laugh at myself about it saying “what was I thinking?” I am not there yet but still mastering the Art of Succeeding in failure. I will succeed.

  • Damola Popoola

    Thank you Sir for stiring up the positive attitude in us once again.More Grace in Jesus name…AMEN

  • Michael

    This is so true and so encouraging. God will continue to use you to inspire millions. I am physically challenged, I use crutches. Several times I have tried to start and run my own business (Brand design and communication Studio) and several times it failed due to some reasons which includes funds but still was not discouraged. I read IDEAS RULE THE WORLD and I went back to drawing board. To the glory of God, I started all over and it has been so great.

  • Alfred Temitope Peter

    Pastor Sam, once again i am blessed by this wonderful piece. Just like John Maxwell said; ”you cannot succeed without learning to fail forward”. God bless you Pastor Sam.

  • Adebiyi oluwatobi

    Pastor Sam I thank God for the Grace on your life
    If you have change what you do and what you read and thing as not change the way you want it what do you do

  • Alex Omoyakhi

    Dear Pastor Sam, thank you for this piece it is to timely in my life. I went for an interview on the 8th of September and things didn’t go as I propose and planned even after fasting and praying for days, but reading your blog daily is helping get through the disappointment and discouragement. And I’m seeing the disappointment as a stepping stone for a come back soon. I will be going for another interview in few months time. And I’m believing God for success which I will also share here. Thanks so much for your words.. God bless and continually enrich you to share.

  • kunle Anjorin

    This is true. Just like Alex Omoyakhi, I had an interview a year and some months ago. That was the worst interview I ever attended. It was awful. Didn’t even want to remember it. I remember walking a very long distance from the company speaking to myself, negative things. But I remember I asked the HR head on the panel a question on what things I needed to work on. And she told me about selling myself properly, doing my homework before the interview. About a month later I had annotther interview, I was blazing ‘hot’. I had prepared. My mouth was just running. The technical guy on the panel was nodding his head everytime I spoke. And when it came to questions, they were suprised they had to answer questions like the ones I had prepared. Thank you Sir.

  • Osarenmwinda Kelvin

    I have always had this attitude that I rather fail trying than not try at all and live with the regret of uncertainty, not knowing whether I would have succeeded or not.
    An Experience
    In 2011, I got a chance to work at a reputable Bank in Nigeria. I was among those that passed the test and got into one of their training schools which lasts 3 months. However, you must have a total average score of 65 from all the tests one must write before her or she is finally confirmed. At the end of the whole exercise, I scored 64.7 and couldn’t be allowed in. We were 32 in class and I and another guy were the ones that couldn’t make it. He was calm and said his family will get him into Central Bank of Nigeria, which he eventually got and is currently working in. In my own case, I had no connection to go back to except for one determination- I’m going to get a bounce back financially and surpass what they will be receiving, until the job loss like a mare joke to me. Need I to say that even as I had the emotional crisis that made me lose focus and couldn’t study well, I was also taking sessions motivating and teaching the ones that passed how to fulfill their dreams beyond the bank (that wouldn’t just let me leave) and the nudes got to the owner the training school, which she found remarkable and commended.
    In September 2012, I scouted for some Capital that was barely enough to rent an office, buy a few Furniture and just a little left over. From that time to October 2013 was terrible, that I contemplated several times to go find a job. There were times when I could only afford 150 naira fuel for the brand new passat (aka pure water)problematic jalopy I just got from my father. I did many things with that car, including being a cab man on my way to and from work to get money for fuel and little extra for sustenance. However, armed with some powerful success principles from the Holy Spirit, Pastor Sam, the bible and other books, I made my first 1 million naira in November 2013. Applying the same principles and working on with the Holy Spirit, I made 2 million naira by December 2014. However, I always wanted to give myfirst million to God and I remembered my mentor(Pst Sam)mentioned that you do not have the capacity to possess what you cannot give to God (paraphrased). So, I have God my first 1 million and was left with little after paying for some pressing things. With the ID of that Bank still hanging on the wall by my room door, I pressed on with the same principles. As at now, am already on the 6 million naira mark, moving towards the 10 million naira target. No one that trained with me receives that in above 5 million in a year from that Bank, talk much of in a lump sum. The point is not about saying am better than anyone because am not. However it a pointer to the fact that success is just at the other side of the coin of failure. Flip the coin!

  • chidi chiedozie

    I really needed to read this. Cos i hvnt been able to achieve 20% of the goals i set out to achieve dis year.it hd made really depressed but today i am rejuvenated. The fight continues. God bless u pastor sam

  • Victor Oputa

    Thanks Pastor for this timely message. I was written off by my own father of not ever attending a university not to talk about graduating at all. I had to do all sorts of menial job to keep life going because he believed nothing good can ever come out of me. But I didn’t give up but believed that I could do better. Along the way I got married and when my wife heard my story, she motivated me to proceed and seek admission into any available university.I later got a part time admission into Abia state university and with her support and prayers I not only completed the course, I graduated with a 2:2 in Biz Admin. If I was to accept the imitations I faced then or what my father said, I would never have been a graduate today. Thanks again for reminded us that failure itself is not the end of the world but an avenue for improvement and betterment.

  • Gbenga

    I have learnt; The faster you fail, the earlier you succeed… Keep failing

  • Abiola Abdul

    Thank God for Rev.Sam I have follow you closely for years it’s amazing how God renew your word daily.Praise God. You spoke abt notice board inside your room along time ago since then I have one in my room where I place my goals,pictures, cheque written to me and my wife..this year goal we’ve done lik 30% . There is a big frog we are believing God to crush before the end of this month..Thank you sir,God bless you, my heart bless you always since the early days of success power. we pray for you always that God keep Renewing ur words..love to Pastor Nike

  • olusola

    Thank you so much Pastor Sam for this. No success without failure. Keep trying till you get it right. I appreciate you sir.

  • Peter ThankGod

    Thank You so much Sir Sam…. That’s so true….

  • Oluwole Hithe Ogunniyi

    Pastor Sam, you have always been an inspiration to me. God bless u Sir.

  • nononesence

    May God continue to providing you with more inspiration

  • Chinedu J Anyaogu

    Thank you very much sir for those words of encouragement and inspiration. Sola Gratia

  • Eugene Onyibo

    “What an inspiring write-up! There is no successful person who has not
    had a taste of failure, though there are numerous failures who are yet
    to have a taste of success. Those who do not fail are missing the
    opportunity to succeed. For as long as you do not see your failure as
    final, it will eventually become your foundation for success. However,
    the good thing is that it is up to you (through your actions after
    experiencing failure) to decide whether your failure will be final or
    your stepping stone to success.” Eugene C. Onyibo

    • Peter ThankGod

      You get it!!! I see as that what makes a man… to create a history….

      • Eugene Onyibo

        Thanks brother.

        • Peter ThankGod

          You are lifted sir.

  • Peter ThankGod

    All successes are traceable to failure… It’s good to note that what made men outstanding are failure which lead them of not GIVEN UP OF THEIR DREAMS… When most people around are discourage-rs…. Thank you Pastor Sam…

  • efeoghene Oghotuoma

    Success is never ending and failure is not final

  • Niran

    People that failure woefully give up too soon. If only they knew that persistent andd continue effort, the failure will eventually lead to success.

  • FUK Holdings

    Compliment sir, I have question, some body that is trying to build his business is he encourage to save or to invest to expand the business.

    • Hello sir, sorry for the delay in responding to your question. When trying to build your business, you should save then use the savings to expand your business.

  • Nwa_Afrique

    Thank you sir for this write-up

  • Jonathan

    Thanks so much for this write up sir.
    Failure is only the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently.
    –Henry Ford, founder of Ford Motor Company.

  • Jonathan

    I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.
    Hmmm, what a big word here by Edison.
    No wonder maya Angelou has this to say;You may encounter many defeats, but you must not be defeated. In fact, it may be necessary to encounter the defeats, so you can know who you are, what you can rise from, how you can still come out of it.
    Compliment of the season to you sir.

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  • Onyekachi Irondi

    Lives are changing….Thank God am here