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The subject of patience is one that I find very necessary in the journey of success. This is because a lot of people have gotten the message of faith mixed up. This has hindered them from being successful. While we thank God for faith, many of us should stop believing that when you are using faith, you are using magic. Some people think God is a magician. God is not a magician….

Discover Purpose, Discover Success!

Every day we wake up and get set to go out. Some people get ready to go to work, school, a meeting or an appointment.

There is one movement or the other everywhere you go. People are in frenzy; they are literally taking to their heels. Everybody is in a hurry to get to some place. Where?

Success Habits

Success is the achievement of God’s set goals for your life.

Habits are those things we do consistently and almost without thinking. Though we do not decide our destiny directly, we decide on our habits. Our habits determine our character and our character determines our destiny. We can therefore say that godly habits bring about success.

Planning for Success


Success is the achievement of specific goals and planning is a fundamental key to our success. Therefore, where there is no goal, there cannot be success. The lack of goals is responsible for most of the frustration, confusion and boredom in the world today.

People with goals and plans succeed in life, while people without them fail. People without goals restlessly wander through life looking for what they cannot explain. They are frustrated, confused and filled with anxiety.

How I Frustrated And Sent Poverty Packing – Sam Adeyemi

Success is a journey many people start but very few people finish. One secret to success a lot of people overlook is the “mystery of mistakes.”

In every mistake lies the potential for achieving success and this potential can only be recognised in the lessons learnt from it. If I had not made the mistakes I made, I would not have learnt those useful lessons I know today.


I want to reveal to you some costly mistakes I made and the lessons I learnt from them.

The Solution to Poverty

The quality of life in our country may never be better than the quality of our thoughts. It is our culture (mental models) that determines our success.   If our culture believes that wealth belongs to some particular set of people and the other set has to work for those people to get money, then money will never flow to everybody and that creates a scarcity mentality.

Three Ways To Increase Your Income

The quickest route to promotion is problem-solving. This also holds with respect to finances. You do not get something for nothing. Money is only a means of exchange. It flows to us in proportion to the value we give in solving problems for others.
You have been designed to solve a particular problem in this world. You must identify that area of need and define your purpose. Your purpose in life is not what you decide. It is too late to decide it now. It was decided by God before you were born. Therefore, it is not what you decide; it is what you discover by asking God

Positive Attitude and Your Health

There is a law that governs the universe. It says that what you see inside you is what you will eventually see outside.

The human mind functions like a photographic camera. The images that form on the film are the ones that will be printed on cardboard or shown on the screen. So it is with the human mind. The images or pictures formed on our minds will always become the realities of our lives.

The Journey of Success

The Journey of Success

A Chinese proverb says, “The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.” I prefer to say it this way: The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step in the right direction.

There is no point taking any step at all in the wrong direction. Can you imagine a ship on the ocean without a compass?

Start a Business

One of the things I have discovered in teaching success principles is the need for people to start and run businesses; the need for entrepreneuring.

It is very likely you will start your business in your current line of interest.

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