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How To Become Successful

Though my life started from a point where I was frustrated, but with time I have moved over to the point where I know that if I succeed, I obviously succeeded by choice and if I fail it is also absolutely a matter of choice. It takes as much work to succeed as it takes to fail. I will have to work hard today to fail, because I have gone so far out on the success dimension.

The Power of Decision

The Power of Decision

Some people are afraid to make decisions because they are afraid they will make the wrong ones. But it is better to make a wrong decision than not make any decision at all. This is because not making a decision is a decision. If you refuse to decide to succeed, you have consciously or un-consciously decided to fail.

First Within, Then Without

There is a story I like so much. The barbers and hairstylists of the United States were about to have their national convention. They wanted people to appreciate their profession and wanted to give Americans a better image of their profession. They hired a young Public Relations executive to handle the job and help in packaging the convention.

A New Way of Doing Business

I read about a young man, Terry Lobell, who was an unemployed mechanic in the United States. He heard people complaining that advertising was expensive. Then he started thinking; if people are saying advertising is expensive, then it is a problem and therefore a need. So he decided to give people advertising at a cheaper rate.

Money versus Value

Money must never take God’s place in your life. Settle that forever, if you will prosper God’s way.

If I were to have something to say to the young generation of Nigerians today, it will be this; “Money is only a means of exchange. If you want to break free from poverty, keep this at the back of your mind. You will not get something for nothing.”

The Best Way to Make Money!

When people say there is no money in town, they may not be stating the truth. The truth is that there is money, but they have not been able to see it. Because you do not see money with your eyes, you see it with your mind.

The Best Way to See Money!

Many years ago, when I was still a young boy, I used to think that prosperity was only for a certain class of people. Those who drive big cars and live in big houses and from the look of things then, we did not quite fit into that category.

Who do you think you are?

Who Do You Think You Are

Some thirteen years ago, I was a jobless graduate, confused, frustrated and unsure of what to do to get a favourable outcome. Life for me had become a mirage and so uncertain – it will look as if it would work out but by the time I got there it would have disappeared. Then I had the opportunity to travel out of the country and I thought that was the best thing that could ever happen to me. That was the only option I could see for me to succeed; and when it fell out, I thought I was finished. – See more at: http://successpowermedia.com/#sthash.c6iWQhwr.dpuf

Dare to Succeed

The former American president, John F. Kennedy told a story about his grandfather, Fitzgerald. When Fitzgerald was a boy in Ireland, he would walk home with a whole group of boys. On their way were a lot of cobblestone fences with jagged edges at the top. Those fences were ten to twelve feet high and very dangerous to climb.

4 Reasons People Do Not Set Goals

why people do not set goals

Goal setting is simple, yet it involves hard work. It is simple to take a pen and paper to jot down what you want to do but it takes hard work to really commit yourself to accomplishing those set goals.

From my interactions and observations, I have discovered some reasons why some people do not set goals. I want to share four of them with you.

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