Positioning Yourself for Success in Economic Downturn


I will never forget my first visit to the city of Lagos, Nigeria many years ago. Oh my goodness! Lagosians hurry so much, they could knock you down. At that time, I was residing in Kwara State which is a relatively quiet city compared to Lagos, the commercial nerve of the country. Most striking was the fact that despite the wealth in this city, there were still poor people.

You see, back then I couldn’t comprehend how people could suffer lack in the midst of plenty. But over the years, I have come to understand the economics of money. There will always be money in circulation but the choices you make determine how much of it you possess. Money is never scarce; it only changes hands from one person to another and it is our choice which side of the divide we belong to.

It is no longer news that our naira has crashed, the price of fuel too is dipping low by the day. People are losing their jobs, disposable income is also shrinking and many are still unemployed!

However, do not allow the current economic crisis make you think there is no money anywhere; nothing could be farther from the truth. It is everywhere! Like I said earlier, money only changes hands. Those who can see beyond the crisis and can position themselves strategically will handle the money.

Money is a convertible resource that is offered in exchange for value, once you have value, you will get the money no matter the economic downturn. How do you add value? from information. What you learn determines what you earn!

As someone who has crossed from struggling into financial stability, I am constantly thinking of how to help others make this transition also.

Sometime ago, I ran a promo where I paid for the deliveries of products out of my own resources, just to make sure a lot more people experience financial and all round success, achieve their goals and find fulfillment in life.

I am offering you my life transforming products at half the price.


These products will help you discover your purpose in life, your career, how to plan for success, the right attitudes, habits that will help you succeed and how to set achievable goals, among others.

Here are some wonderful testimonies that will inspire you:

This is to appreciate the daily efforts of my mentor/coach, Sam Adeyemi. My prayer for a life coach was answered last year when I came across SACP and attended the first programme on 04/07/15 at Oregun, Lagos. I got six CDs last December that revolutionized my life/business especially on how to set goals; 20 years broken down into 10 years, 5 years, 1 year, monthly, weekly and daily because “success is actually the achievement of goals.

Paul A.
Good day to you sir. You're indeed a God sent to this world. I listen to you almost every day on KA and I receive your daily messages also. I attended the last live seminar held in 10 Degrees and after that, you sent us a mail to put down our goals and send back to you which I did. In the mail, I emphasised that our business is on a lease property and getting ours has been so tough. Today, I'm glad to announce to you that the Lord has done it. I'm sharing this to say thank u to God and to you because I am sure what God has done, He will bring it to perfection and by His grace, we will invite you for the commissioning. Thank you sir.

I am really grateful to God for the privilege to be a part of SACP. This mentorship programme has and is affecting my life positively. I started my firm last year, alone and "struggling", but with a vision. I set a goal to move into my own office space having operated from my house for a year. Last week Monday, I moved into my own office space and it was not just a space. It was furnished with every, and I mean every facility I need and had imagined, and I didn’t pay one kobo for it. Lessons such as identifying opportunities, maximizing them, meeting needs of people and having the right attitude in the midst of difficulty have impacted me greatly. Thank you sir, for this mentorship programme. I am confident that my best is yet to come.


Awesome! It is your turn to testify.


You will succeed!