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Living the Life of Your Dreams | Success Power Media

Living the Life of Your Dreams

Life is designed for progression and not stagnation. One of the greatest discoveries you will make in life is this: as you change and improve, things and people will change and improve around you.

As these changes begin to occur, I want you to note that no matter what you want to achieve, your position does not count as much as your disposition. A positive disposition will ultimately guarantee a favourable position.

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Let me share a personal experience with you. After I completed my NYSC, I thought getting a good job would be automatic. But like many others, I had to sit at home for over a year.

Throughout that period, I made up my mind that I was not going to worry about my unemployed status though I had not gotten a job for over a year. I said to myself; “I am not going to be unemployed forever, I am taking this as a brief holiday.” I went to my pastor and said, “I am offering to work as a volunteer.”

The moment I broke free from that mindset of not being employed, somebody came to church on a Sunday and said, “I heard that they need a Civil Engineer on this particular site.” I thought, could it be so easy? I applied for the job and two of us were called for an interview. They needed somebody with three years experience, but I was freshly out of school, while the other candidate had the experience. I could not answer most of the questions they asked me because I had not worked practically on a site before. The panel told me, “Mr. Adeyemi, you have not been able to answer our questions satisfactorily. You don’t have the experience that we need.”

I had read then of the power of attitude, so instantly I spoke to them, “Gentlemen, I appreciate what you have said. It is true that I do not have the experience. But as you can see from my results and from the way I am speaking that I am very intelligent. If you give me this job, I will catch up very fast. I am sure I will be able to deliver what you want within the next few months.”

You see, I was able to seize the opportunity and speak so confidently because of the lessons I learnt from a book.

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The panelists thanked me and said they would get in touch. Eventually, a few days later, the person who introduced the job to me said they decided to employ the other person. I said it was okay. Then, he came back after a few days and said, “They said they are not employing the other person anymore, they are employing you. The job is now yours.” I got the job. You know what got the job for me? Attitude! I was positive. I raised their expectation. They knew that if they gave me the job, I would perform well because I believed that I was going to perform well.

What do you believe? What you believe is what you will become.

There are other personal experiences you can learn from that I want to share with you.

That is what the Life Mastery Academy is all about.

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All you may need at this point in your life is that little push that will give you an extra edge. You can leverage on things no one may be willing to share with you in this environment.

You will succeed!

Sam Adeyemi



  • Timmy

    Once again, I am reminded of the power of consistently maintaining a positive attitude ! I had the same experience of having to wait for a while after NYSC (about six months) before I got my first Post-NYSC job and I remember that after a while, I began telling anyone who cared to listen ‘ I will have to choose from amongst at least three very plum jobs’ . I was actually offered jobs with two leading Banks in Nigeria the very same minute (I received a call from one while in the office where a staff of the second bank was waiting for my call to end so he could break the good news to me). True to my expectations, the issue was now which to choose. Of course, I chose the one which gave me the opportunity to practice what I had studied in school over the other which would have meant switching to core banking operations.

    By the time I was on induction, I had received two other offers. There is power in maintaining a positive mental attitude , especially when our focus is on God and His promises concerning our lives.

    Thanks for always sharing these nuggets of truth and wisdom with us Sir. You are indeed a worthy mentor in every sense of the word !

    • Peter ThankGod

      Patience is the mother of reality… God bless you.

      • Sokari Hezekiah Koko

        yes, its true. this morning during my devotion i ask God to speak to me concerning my service to Him and He took me to Hebrew 6:11-13
        3 words stood out….diligence,faith and patience.

        • Peter ThankGod

          Glory to God … I am so exciting to hear this brother…

        • Peter ThankGod

          That verses says about “The Certainty of God’s Promise” we can read it together from NIV… verse 11 says… We want each of you to show this same diligence to the very end, so that what you hope for may be fully realized. 12 We do not want you to become lazy, but to imitate those who through faith and patience inherit what has been promised. Is that not certainty….? verse 13 says… When God made his promise to Abraham, since there was no one greater for him to swear by, he swore by himself! God can do anything for who He loved based on His promises which He can denied! God bless Sokari Hezekiah Koko

    • Wow! That is great news Timmy! Congratulations!. With a positive attitude your best is still to come. Keep on succeeding

  • Pastor David

    I believe that our attitude matters , they eventually determine where we end up in life. I remember serving for ten years as a pastor back in Nigeria with a leading ministry, often times I was posted to serve in towns and locations some pastor would never want to go. But I always saw every posting as another God ordained opportunity to touch more lives for God. Today I get mails , FB comments of people that God used me to touch. That makes me so fulfilled. Thank u Pastor Sam for this Coaching programme.

    • Peter ThankGod

      That’s God at work… God’s will is undeniable … Is called are for fulfillment of the Kingdom

  • Peter ThankGod

    Dreams are systematic unfold of destiny encounter…. What you see, speak often you becomes…. Activate your dreams Antenna!!!

    • Abosede

      True talk

      • Peter ThankGod

        That’s the reality of sustainability.

      • Peter ThankGod

        One of the simplest, easiest and best ways I know to help you

        transform your life is by simply listening to these recordings. I encourage you to join us and experience a life beyond what currently seems possible to you.

      • Peter ThankGod

        You are bless

      • Peter ThankGod

        People may call you dreamer like Joseph, Never Give Up, Never Give In, Never Give Out, Keep the Faith and keep on moving… God will surely enable your dreams to come true.

  • Abosede

    Wow! This testimony is inspiring! I seem to be at that point when I am loosing. Some steam, hearing this jots my mind.

  • Peter ThankGod

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  • Sesan Oguntade

    Thank you sir for this. I learnt greatly from this just as i have learnt greatly from your teachings and books over the years. Just as you have always said and which the Bible teaches clearly, Success is first within and then without. With this teaching, i cant remember saying ‘I have no money’ in the past seven years even when i am at a very critical financial situation. I observed that i have ended up completing some great projects even when money for the project is not with me. Thank you sir.

  • Peter ThankGod

    Thank you so much sir….

  • Sokari Hezekiah Koko

    i had my first contact with sam Adeyemi through a tape my pastor gave to me. i was greatly inspired by his teachings and since made up my mind to have a personal contact with the great motivational man of God. Now i have that contact, its awesome for 1 week in the Sam Adeyemi coaching program-me.i wish i had joined before now. May God be praised.

    • Thanks for the comment Sokari.
      You will succeed!

  • Charles Effiong

    “Life Does Not Give What You Deserve, Life Offer You What You Demand.”