You Can Be A Master In Every
 of  Your Life


Two years ago, precisely on the 4th of July 2015 to be precise we had a special event.

It was a live seminar.

I had an awesome time meeting with members of my coaching programme for the very first time.

I believe most of us are aware that earlier this year, we held the CEO Class event which I must say was a huge success.

Interestingly, during the registration for that event, some of you called to ask when the next general event would hold.

Wow! Thank you for your enquires. I was delighted to hear of your requests.

I have not forgotten you at all. In fact, I had already marked my calendar to meet with you but allow me to first share this story with you.

In1964, a young man emerged the World Heavyweight Boxing Champion; his name was Muhammed Ali.

He was an American who brought on a new dimension to the sport of boxing. Rather than holding his hands up to defend himself from punches, he had a unique style of quick feet and the ability to avoid a punch. This made him a formidable contender. He also wore out his opponent by absorbing as many punches as possible while leaning on the rope.

Most of all, his fights were sought after because he was a loud talker. Before every fight, he would brag and boast over his opponent. It was at one of his fights that he made this statement that became one of his popular quotes: “I will fly like a butterfly and sting like a bee, his hands can’t hit what his eyes can’t see.”

Ali always put his money where his mouth was because true to his boasts his fights were characterized by lightning speed and fancy footwork and he won most of his bouts. He won the title of World Champion three times in his career before retirement.

He is regarded as one of the greatest boxing legends of all time. In his later years he said: “I am an ordinary man who worked hard to develop the talent I was given.”

Hmm! I strongly believe that to be able to lead in any field of endeavour, you must first lead yourself. As someone who has experienced some measure of success, I will be glad to teach you how to do same. That is why I am set to hold the live seminar again.

So, I want to specially invite you to meet with me at my Life Mastery Academy.

Click here to take your seat:

What is mastery? 

Success is the achievement of predetermined goals. To do that involves gaining mastery of your resources. 

As the name implies, I want you to be able to take charge of your life so you can be the best you were designed to be.

What are the things you stand to gain from this academy?
Amongst others:

  • Clarity of vision.
  • Strategies for peak performance.
  • Mastering career and business.
  • Identifying and taking opportunities.
  • Building strategic network.
  • Financial mastery in boom and doom times.

 Meanwhile, here are reports from people who attended the Livesam 2015 event:

Here is Oluwatoyin’s account on Strategies for peak performance

“Good day sir. I attended the last live seminar and after that, you sent us a mail to put down our goals and send to you which I did. In the mail I emphasized that our business is on lease property and getting ours has been so tough. Today, I am glad to announce that we have now gotten our property. I am sharing this to say thank you sir. We will invite you for the commissioning.” 

- Oluwatoyin

 Ololade had a taste of this at the last event:

“This seminar was so practical; that is what makes it so different. He shared real stories of things he had done 20 years ago. His teaching was so simplified that I can easily apply it to my own life. Sometimes I have a pool of ideas and I am wondering what to do and in the process, I end up doing nothing because I believe I have to arrange my things before I start but today, he said something that struck me: “Start first, fail! Fail forward! Do things! Make that call, take that first step. So now, I have been able to put it together to know the first step to take.”  

- Ololade

 This is what Metere had to say on building strategic network

“The entire seminar was mind blowing. I learnt that life can be easy, if you can find someone to connect with who has been through what you are going through. Once you make that connection all the knowledge he has gained you will also gain and you would not make the mistakes he has made. Now I know that success is not an illusion or far-fetched; if the coach can do it, I can do it too. He made me see that I need to start documenting my thoughts because the moment I change my perception, life takes on a new dimension.” 

- Metere

 Also, Adenike got an insight on financial mastery in boom and doom times, take a look:

“The simplicity in which he dissected everything for instance when he was talking about capital he made me realize that it is not all the time you need money to get things done- integrity goodwill.” 

- Adenike

 And for Adeogo, identifying and taking opportunities was the clincher…

“For me, one key thing he said was that fear is an illusion and not real. He said I need to face the fear and kill it.So I am going back to face those challenges and move on.” 

- Adeogo

Amazing! You are next in line. Let’s make it happen again 

Date:    29th July, 2017

Venue: Grandeur Event Center.            
               No 17, Billings Way, Oregun, Ikeja Lagos.

Time :   8am - 4pm   

Fee:       N10,000


You will succeed!

Sam Adeyemi

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