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Success Power Media | Ultimate Exposition of Success and Financial Secrets ONLY Known to the Most Powerful and Influential People in the World

Ultimate Exposition of Success and Financial Secrets ONLY Known to the Most Powerful and Influential People in the World

 – Unreservedly Revealed By Sam Adeyemi –

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Date: Wednesday, August 23rd, 2017


Hi Friend,

My name is Sam Adeyemi.

You probably have seen me on your TV screen or heard me on radio talking about success. You might have also met me at some events in the past, motivating and giving workable and unfailing principles that could positively turn any man’s life around on a 360 degree dimension.

What you saw me doing is who I am. I am passionate about it and I cannot stand the stance of any man failing with all the loaded potentials God has deposited in a man. I have failed before and I know how bad failure tastes.

I am simply a man that got a jail-break from poverty and today, I understand the clear distinction between poverty and prosperity. Today, I am the President of Success Power International, an organization set out to eradicate ignorance and help people to realize their potentials. We do this via various media, reaching millions of people across the globe with our success liberation message.


I started the journey of creating a network of people that are interested in this life-changing relationship few years ago but I am ready to take it to another level and I want you to be part of it. I have been able to nurture the existing members of the programme that I tagged: Sam Adeyemi Coaching Programme (SACP), with basic principles that guarantee success.

I am ready to take it to another level. I am about to reveal the exact steps that led me to where I am today.

Will you be part of my most cherished network that will not only be learning from me but also be given practical steps on how to take action towards achieving their life goals?

If you have ever seen me as an inspiration, if you ever thought that it would be hard for you to achieve the same success I have experienced or attained the same height that God has lifted me to; if you are thinking this can only happen to some individuals, divinely ordained by God to become wealthy or become influential, bury that thought because you are on your way to become that sensational story of success that the entire world will be in attention to listen to.

I am out to create more people of influence, people that will be wealthy and still be humble. People that will discover the secrets of wealth, use it for themselves, bless their families with it and never be selfish to share it with others. I am out to raise people that will not be influenced by corruption, I mean, people that will be rich and still have their integrity intact.

Will you be interested to be part of this great band of prosperous individuals that will show the world that true riches is not only possible but achievable? We are talking about those that will make good and clean money with peace of mind and also add value to their communities.

If these qualities are the perfect reflections of what you want in life, if it is the true colour of what your future should be, you must make up your mind to join me as we build this great network of successful people together by becoming part of my coaching programme.

I want to be your mentor if you permit me. I want to get close to you, grant you access to discover some deep insight and understanding I have gained on my way to success. And I want to begin that special relationship with you starting by you becoming part of my online coaching programme.

My aim in this programme is to help you grab some pictures that will change your imagination and set you up for success. I want to shift your mind from thinking scarcity to abundance. I want you to see prosperity in its full glare and get the image photogenically registered into your mind.

You know what? This is another level on our journey to success. In the next few years from now, I see you having a one on one contact with me where we will be on a retreat and analyze the progress so far. I see us travelling together and holding special meetings in different parts of the world. That will happen in a few years from now, God willing.


I want to give you instant access to two of my intensive works that I referred to as Success and Finance Packs which also come in audio format.

Do you want to achieve more than you ever did in the entry level of the coaching programme? Do you want to walk in financial freedom? Do you want to achieve a greater level outstanding success? Then do all you can to get your hands on these powerful packs.

In these packs, I bare it all. I explained exactly what I did to cross over to where I am today. I will show you the principles that make people wealthy and how to apply them. I elaborated on what true wealth is. When you go through it, you will experience a change in the way you think about money. You will simply become a wealth magnet.

Financial Manual

  • Module 1: Change your Belief System
  • Module 2: Have Something to Sell
  • Module 3: Develop the Ability to Recognise People’s Needs
  • Module 4: Have a Spending Plan
  • Module 5: Manage your Money Well
  • Module 6: Develop the Ability to Build Systems
  • Module 7: Learn to Share your Wealth, Give as Much of it Out as Possible

In the Finance Pack, which comes in audio and Ebook formats, just like the Success Pack too, I point out how you can work on your mind and positively alter your belief for wealth attraction. I explain how you can develop your ability to see money. It is funny that money is always around us but people do not see it. You will discover it in the pack.

You see, many people have the notion that money can develop wings and fly away, but in the pack, I give the unfailing tools and strategies you can use to sustain your wealth for years with the ability to pass it to the next generations. I can confidently say this is a pack you have being waiting for.

Success Manual


  • Module 1: Search for Relevant Knowledge
  • Module 2: Change your Belief about Life and Success
  • Module 3: Create Dreams and Imaginations
  • Module 4: Set Clear Goals and Create Definite Plans
  • Module 5: Re-Invent Yourself
  • Module 6: Change your Definition of Success
  • Module 7: Take Action, Step Out in Faith

In the Success Pack, I will show you how to search for relevant and powerful information that can affect you positively. I also explain how to extract and apply principles you discover from the information and how to develop them into success idea.

Another important principle you will learn from the Success Pack is the power of visualization. This teaches you the skill of turning dream and imagination to reality.  I move on to show you how to capture your visual world from the invisible realm into the real world. Yes, that is like giving life to your dream.  I will show you how to take definite action. That is the important aspect of the unending success. I bet you, you cannot walk through those packs genuinely and still remain in your old state of mind.

Here are few testimonies from them:

“Good day Sam.

I have been listening to your talks and messages right from my secondary school days till date. My benefits from your motivations can not be over emphasized, as it helped me to make a decision after university to join banking, even when I studied something different.

Let me share this briefly with you, in April 2006 at UBA training school in Enugu, I gave myself 5 years from that time to become a manager, after 6 years I am a Managing Director/CEO of a Microfinance Bank. I am a year old in Microfinancing and my target is to own a Microfinance Bank in 5yrs from 2012. Next year I will be receiving my certificate from CBN/CIBN as a certified MFB practitioner having passed the 1st and 2nd level MCP exams conducted this year.

These have been made possible because I lent how to set goals and time line to achieve desired objectives from you.  Thank you for all your effort.” – Patrick 

“Hello sir.

I have been looking for an opportunity to tell you this, I call you my Prophet because you have always prophesied into my life with your daily emails.

Whenever I receive those emails, they are always on point, pointing to one area of my life or the other. I have really been blessed. Hearing from you has really motivated me in achieving so many things this year (2013). I started a catfish farming and even won a star prize in the just ended Fanmilk DIY Contest and I am planning to start my popcorn producing company by January next year.

Thank you so much sir for being a prophet to me.” – James

“It is wonderful to have stumbled on a wonderful mentor like you.

I must confess I have been greatly challenged and this has been an eye opener for me. There was a particular mail you sent to my box about talent and discovering what you enjoy doing. I discovered that I had passion for cooking and baking aside reading.

I decided to explore this side of me and today I have my own baking outfit aside been an educationist, of which I am trusting GOD to own my school very soon. I also seized the opportunity of my sister studying abroad to make some connections in buying children clothes and office wears which I now sell in my place of work. Infact I have been so blessed, my husband now sees me as the virtuous woman been described in the Bible.

All thanks to the ALMIGHTY for making you a source of blessing to this generation.” – ABATI O.B


To become a member of the Entry Level, it only takes as low as N1,500, which you may probably use for lunch or use to recharge your phone. We call this the entry level or level-1. You can click the link below to view the details and benefits of this level.

Entry Level Programme


Order ₦8000 Pack (For Non-Members ONLY)

When you gain access to these products and study them, you have gained access to my mind. You can pick my brain and discover the principles I used to kick poverty out of my life. You will also discover how I am able to attain my leadership position today. This will be a template for you.

So, if you are ready, if you believe that my wealth of knowledge will be highly useful to you, especially for those that have been part of the Entry Level of the coaching programme, I want you to click the link below right NOW to register:


Order ₦6500 Pack (For Paid Level 1 Members Only)


Sincerely, I cannot wait to meet you at the membership area and the forum of SACP. Like I previously said, this is just the beginning of our relationship and journey as you take the order. I will make sure I contact you on a daily basis and give you more information that will ensure you achieve your lifetime goal.


My team is also ready to give you any type of support you need. Feel Free to contact us on 08084444466 (Monday – Friday, 8am – 4pm excluding public holidays) or send email to info@successpowermedia.com.


It is the beginning of a new dawn with you.


You will succeed!




P.S: My dear friend, I want you to take action right away. Don’t delay to become part of my success network. Procrastination is dangerous and it has denied many from great opportunities that would have transformed their lives forever.

P.S.S: I am convinced that you rarely see a programme like this with readiness to constantly support, mentor and assist you in achieving the best for your life. That is why this must not pass you by. Give the needed speed to your life! Join us right NOW!!! as we prepare and set you up for global impact.