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How Will You Be Remembered? | Success Power Media

How Will You Be Remembered?

Imagine yourself coming into a church. You are walking down the aisle and to your left and right are people with grief written all over their faces. You can feel the sense of loss in the atmosphere. It is a funeral service. And it is about to begin.

You walk to the casket and you come face to face with yourself. Really, it’s your funeral service 40, 50 or 60 years from now. And the people there are loved ones who have come to honour you and show appreciation to God for your life.

You take a seat and look through the programme in your hand. Four people will speak about you; your colleague, your pastor, your child and your spouse. The question is, what will they say about you? Or what would you want them to say about you? What difference would you have made in their lives. Think deeply about this.

The answer to those questions will define the direction in which your life should go right now. It will clarify your values. It will re-organise your priorities. Some things that look so important will suddenly not seem to be the most important anymore. The answer to those questions will give you a clear sense of direction.

To die effectively, we must live effectively. And to live effectively is to fulfill God’s purpose for bringing us into the world. God has a purpose for each of us. That purpose is God’s yardstick for measuring our success.

The greatest tragedy in life is for one to die without having achieved God’s purpose for his or her life. I believe that the greatest question in life is; “WHY WAS I BORN?” And I am convinced that the greatest day of a man’s life is the day he discovers the answer to that question.

A life that is lived without fulfilling its God-ordained purpose therefore is a waste of time. Life without purpose is an experiment. But this life is too short for experiments.

Ask yourself these questions: “Why am I here? What difference am I supposed to make? What contributions am I supposed to make to my family, society and the world?”

Your answers will determine how you will be remembered.

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You will succeed!
Sam Adeyemi

  • Oyediran Olanrewaji

    Thanks Sir, I want to be remembered for Good work like the Samaritan Man.

    • Olubunmi

      Thanks for the inspirational message.have once asked my self what is happiness and what really is success .If one think deeply one should known that on this earth all is temporary.May the give one divine solace

      • Rilwan Hassan

        We have not created Mankind except to worship GOD ALMIGHTY. Other things in life are ephemeral!

  • mark idiahi

    I would be remembered as one that gave his all to make others live a purposeful life in GOD!
    I am hoping to meet with you pastor some day,it a desire and it is Strong!

  • Julius Akpan

    Thank you sir for setting the pace..i have no choice but to follow your footsteps in touching lives in my own little way. Remain blessed.

  • Afam

    Thank you sir. Grave question in time like this. It calls for a deep sober reflection. I want to be remembered for massive impact to my world. In my generation and beyond. Its great to read or hear stuffs like this once in a while. Again, thank you sir.

  • Bruno

    Wonderful, amazing and thought searching message. This bring to my memory what one of my mentor in business said, find a way to serve the many, for service to many lead to greatness. I would love to be remembered for my service, love and kindness to humanity, and mankind.

  • Edward

    Good morning Rev. This is a great call to remember our essence. More often than not we are scared of thinking this deep but focus on the care of the world as though the end will not come. After reading this, I had to do somethings I have not done for a while. One of which was to Scratch my wife’s foot while she was still sleeping to wake her up. Thank you very much sir. God bless.

  • olawoyin

    About the time I was reading these,I was listening to
    Music but I av 2 stop it,this is more than a sober reflection
    It’s a clarion call.soo help me God.

  • cutetoks

    hmmmm..this call for a deep reflection…



  • adebanji

    dear sir, i glorify Gods name for your life,and the great imparts/life changing inspiration you are given, i so much commend you for your great efforts in our life… God bless you.

  • Emeka Ogba

    This question is the truly word that everyone have to ask himself, but there is something that alway come to my mine, is no one can say the truly word about u, if you ask the right people, the reason why I am in this world is not by mistake but for great purpose, thank u sir for let me who i am again, by taking a step that is good and great for me,

    • Adeleke Olusola

      Definition of your purpose is in your heart! Nobody can define it outside you. Can u understand?

  • Steduy

    God bless you, sir.

  • peter

    its true purpose makes all the difference

  • Brownson Ntesat

    Man of God, you are a blessing to this generation and God will always reposition you for more

  • Peggie Ochanya Umagba

    Wow! this is very deep,got me thinking really deeply!

  • martins

    this is heart touching.

  • Luka DALANG

    This is soul touching ! I am moved.

  • Adeleke Olusola

    Understanding of this truth is what bring end to the world! Because world is Life plus death but when death(liability or lack of purpose discovery) is removed, the rest is life, peace & eternity

  • Adeleke Olusola

    Olusola is a purpose discovery expert with the responsibility of bringing the government of earth upon the shoulder of Christ in order to build a Peaceful Society. Shalom

  • Dan B

    To live a life without discovering ones purpose on this earth is like going for football match, then playing on a field that has no goal post. Nobody will be interested in such a game. not even he players. Most people lose interest in his life because they have not discovered their purpose. The few who have discovered their purpose are being watched and celebrated like a football match. You don’t have to be rich or educated to discover your purpose, but discovering your purpose will surely lead you to gaining knowledge and wealth.

  • Ibukunoluwa Adelakun

    This is really special to me. I’d been in search for a mentor and here you were wanting to be my mentor. Wow! Jesus Christ really cares about me… I am so assured of this… I really don’t know where to start but I say thank you Jesus Christ for creating SACP!!!

  • Remi Adeniran

    This is the best thing i’ve ever read till date… its a clarion call,a call to wake up and turn around, to do things right. God bless you for this message sir. its a major turning point in my life.

  • David

    Waal. This is a masterpiece!

  • Abosede

    Hmmm very true Dear Mentor. I really needed the above write up. purpose actually gives essence to one’s live, and puts a spring on one’s heels, reading this just brings sometimes back to mind that seems to have gathered or is gathering dust. Currently in-between phases where several good things seems to be happening under ground but no actual manifestation visible yet.

    I would want be the one person that always talk strength into those around me(a motivator) celebrate their some achievements to help them see the greater good in them selves thereby achieving more growing into their full essence in God(a builder) share whatever knowledge I have( an educator) help build structures and processes (an organizer) oversee and enforce standard – I look forward to looking back to see this fulfilment.

  • Peter ThankGod

    Great are manifest….Great Grace…

  • Sam Oladele

    “Why am I here?” what a big question! Sir, I must confess… You are really a God sent. U really touch life of many people. SACP is the best option…

  • Adedeji Seyi Oba

    The definition of success to me is discovering God’s purpose for your life and fulfilling it. Because there is no way God’s purpose will not affect other people’s lives positively.

  • Chinedu

    I would like to be remembered by the number of individuals and families I have positively changed their lives including economically.

  • nononesence

    What makes me a successful man is seeing how many people I put smiles on their faces daily, because what people says after my departing from this Planet count a lot. So God helping me to fulfill His purpose in my lifetime. Thanks to SACP for awakening the Giant in me once again.

  • Chidiebere NaGod Okorro

    I believe that the my definition of success may include a peaceful life and a fat bank account but aside both most importantly is the number of people to whom and with whom I will be able to share the peace and fat bank account with so that they are able to have same and replicate same in others.

  • Adesanmi Adekusibe

    I was reading in Genesis the account of creation and noticed that at the end of each day of creation, God looked and saw that it was good. I then questioned, “how did He know it was good?” “On what basis could He determine that it was good?” The answer came during my quiet time, He did a comparison!!! God had a picture/vision of what He wanted each creation to look like and after the Word finished with executing God’s plan, God then compared what which was created with what He had as his vision, and it was perfect in his eyes – that’s why he could confirm that “it was good”.

    My definition of success, taking a cue from my Heavenly Father, is when I have a vision or visions and then I am amble to manifest that vision – it is at that point that I have success. But…… when that vision source is from the father and is in line with His agenda, then I have good success!!! Shalom.

  • Peter Adesoye

    Sir, you have given a complete and clear explanation. For me success is not only in having material wealth, but how you have been able to build a value chain in the life of others through the resources God has blessed you with. Since I started reading your materials, have developed great wisdom, have discovered that more money does not make me rich if I do not align myself with the principles of financial management. Within just 8 months of coming into close contact with you sir, my capacity has increased tremendously. You are blessing to many. God bless you sir

  • Michael Nwachukwu Ibonye

    There’s a saying that talent is universal but opportunity is not. When I’m gone, I want to be remembered as one who turned that saying around to become; talent is universal and so is opportunity, thanks to the work that Michael dedicated his life to.

  • Davids Ogan

    Thank you so much Sir, for the daily inspiration.

    I think that the starting point of great success and
    achievement in life is to think about ways you can contribute in life most of the
    time, and think less about ways you can collect. However, thought without
    action is the second definition of penury. When you change your thinking and
    views about life from collection to contribution, your life will as the rays of the
    sun be the source of life and hope to all.

  • Kingsley Shalom

    God bless you sir. Seriously your TV broadcasts, daily email and tapes have changed my life. I’m really dreaming of meeting you physically.

  • Adeyemo Adeyemi

    So many things can be counted but do not count while several things cannot be counted but count. I will want to be remembered for fulfilled destiny and for helping so many to discover and fulfill their destinies as well.

  • Fajimi Paul

    Hi, one major point I’ve always pick from your write-ups, broadcast and messages is the importance of MAN to the world. I belief that there is no success that is greater than making people (MAN) happy. I have chosen this path and I will not derail till death comes. Meanwhile, the messages “FORGIVENESS” last sunday was powerful. It saves my relationship. Thank you sir.

  • Psalmmuel Ashaolu

    success to me is fulfilling god ordain purpose for me life…

  • Samuel Usoro

    This big question has send my mind to an errand. I will like to be remembered for a fulfilling life in ministry and business. Success is accomplishing your goals, dreams and visions. Thanks my Pastor and mentor.

  • Adebanjo Oluwatoyin


  • David Ola Fowopé

    A Godly Man – worthy of emulation, who love his family and make the world a better place.

    The verbs ‘love’ and ‘make’ are in present tense because my story and testimonies shall be so inspiring that 1000 generations to come shall also hear and read about my vision, run with it and be godly people – worthy of emulation, love their families and continue to make the world a better place.

  • Kingsley Chiemeka

    is a very hard thought anyways i will be love to remembered for my help to people…meanwhile sir thanks alot for coming into my life but i have an issue that needs your clarification event the house can suggest…..i read ind.physics but i had a professional course on instrumentation and control and diploma on operation management yet not with any job sha but i have passion for lots of things but is how to figure it out that has always been my issue……..like writing, hardwares tech work,business on mens wears and phone parts but don’t know what to do about the one i should follow. pls hlp me.
    i can be reach through mexzy2k2@yahoo.com

  • Chris

    This put me in a state I do not know what to say, I really need a help

  • Adebowale Adewale

    Thanks a lot. The only thing I will like people to say then will be ” He was a God sent”. I would have lived to help others with what God place in my hands.

  • Adeleke Olusola

    this is the big question that requires the deep answer!

    Success to me is working towards assignment that make the government of earth to be brought upon the shoulder of Christ.

    I am successful the day a peaceful society emerges as a result of ministry of solution & peace.

    The day that many people testifying that if not because of my calling, they would have not lived their ordained life!

  • Adeleke Olusola

    This is the deep question that requires the deep thought through answer!

    Success to me is seeing the work of bringing the government of earth upon the shoulder of Christ through the ministry of solution & Peace

    I am successful the day that peaceful society emerges as a result purpose discovery assignment undertaken by me!

    It shall be a successful day for me, when many people are sharing their testimonies that if not because of my calling they would not have fulfill their destiny.

  • Adolph Innocent

    Scary!!! really got me thinking seriously deep

  • Nnabugwu Kingsley

    Success is all about rendering helps to humanity with selfless principle.

  • Iwegbu isioma

    Success, i’d say, is being able to touch lives. To be able to effect change and impact lives positively.

  • Olagunju Olawale John Courtesy

    Hmm… Great!
    When the purpose of a thing is unknown, abuse is inevitable!

  • adedamola

    I want to be happy and also let other see reasons they should do the same

  • Yomi Dare

    Success to me is accomplishment of goal/purpose.