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Success Power Media | How To Solve The 7 Biggest Problems In Your Life

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[do action=”subheading” shfont=”Impact” shsize=”30px” shcolor=”#000000″ shweight=”Normal”]Follow these my personally proven problem solving strategies and see your life experiencing a total transformation in a very short time! Guaranteed![/do] Sam Adeyemi



Date: Wednesday, August 23rd, 2017

Dear Friend,

I am Sam Adeyemi, President of Success Power International. You have probably heard about my success story somewhere, somehow, but there’s another side you may not have heard. Let me tell you a little story.

[do action=”subheading” shfont=”arial” shsize=”28px” shcolor=”#e10000″ shweight=”strong”]I Was A Failure For Many Years[/do]

I was born into an average family. My dad was a civil servant and my mum a full-time housewife. When I was about ten years old, we moved to a bigger city and my dad decided to go into the government contracting business. At about the same time I got admission into secondary school. Things were looking good but some years down the line,

[do action=”subheading” shfont=”arial” shsize=”28px” shcolor=”#e10000″ shweight=”Normal”]Something Went Wrong[/do]

The economy went down, there was a change in government and my dad couldn’t get building contracts anymore. Things became hard for our family. It was at that time I gained admission into the Polytechnic to study Civil Engineering.


I remember clearly how my dad had to apply for an overdraft from my mum’s account to pay my first school fees in the Polytechnic because his own account was overdrawn. I still remember how for the first few weeks in the Polytechnic, I was eating biscuits and drinking coke twice every day because I could not afford to go to the cafeteria.


My father, had given me only the small amount of money he had left as pocket money and promised to be back in two weeks. He could not make it back in two weeks and there I was left with nothing to feed myself.


If you’re young and in school or just left school, I’m sure you can relate with this story.


While I was going through that in school, I did not bother to call home because I knew they were struggling to pay the rent. The landlord took my dad to court because he could not pay the rent a few times. My mum sometimes had to buy food on credit from neighbours who sold foodstuff.



It was rough, it was hard and in the midst of all that I began to despair. I began to wonder what the future held for me. I began to wonder if I would ever be able to succeed, if I would ever be able to break out of this vicious circle and live a comfortable life. As things became harder and harder, I became even more desperate. I desired to be successful. I just did not know how.


[do action=”subheading” shfont=”arial” shsize=”28px” shcolor=”#e10000″ shweight=”Normal”]And I Was Certain There Was A Key To Success Somewhere…[/do]

So I began this strong quest for knowledge. I had to find the key. I had to find a way out. I struggled. I asked questions. I read volumes of books. It appeared the more I searched for the key the more my dreams eluded me. Can you imagine a brand new car with all the accessories in place – good tyres, good engine, great body, a good ignition key but without petrol in it? What would happen if you try to start that car? That was my situation. I was on the same spot trying to figure out how to achieve my dream without a clue on what to do. I was helpless.


[do action=”subheading” shfont=”arial” shsize=”28px” shcolor=”#e10000″ shweight=”Normal”]Fast Forward a Few Years Since Then. . .[/do]

Things have changed!

  • Today I lead a motivational organisation which runs broadcasts on radio stations in 3 countries.
  • We run broadcasts on television and millions of people watch our broadcast across the 7 continents every week.
  • I pastor a church where I speak to an average of 20,000 people every weekend and oversee a publishing company and a leadership school.
  • Today, I travel around the world, teaching people how to succeed, speaking at seminars and conferences
  • Today, I wine and dine with the best minds around the world
  • Today, I can spend amounts of money, which were only possible in my dreams years ago
[do action=”subheading” shfont=”arial” shsize=”28px” shcolor=”#e10000″ shweight=”Normal”]What Changed For Me? What Made This Possible?[/do]

Luck? Nope!

More education? Nope!

What made it all change for me was because I discovered several life-altering truths which I applied to my life. These truths transformed me and I have taught it to hundreds of thousands of people. And I can teach it to you too. These secrets changed everything.

  • Wouldn’t you like the same level of success that I enjoy today
  • Wouldn’t you love to be able to achieve your goals and have everything you touch turn to gold
  • Wouldn’t you love to break the cycle of poverty in your life and step out into abundance, never going back?

I’m sure you do. That’s why you need to know about these secrets. Having moved from abject poverty to a level where I can do anything I want without any financial constraints, I am in a position to show you the same route I took, so you too can begin to enjoy a life of abundance without any restrictions. Follow me very closely!

[do action=”subheading” shfont=”arial” shsize=”28px” shcolor=”#e10000″ shweight=”Normal”]There Is A Process To It[/do]

But   while  I am really eager to share those secrets with you, there is a particular process I need you to follow. I want you to be able to get into my INNER CIRCLE where I can share confidential information with you. When this happen, you would   have become a member of my exclusive club where you can get information I rarely share with the general public. There are three levels, but  I am asking you to start from the very beginning,, the Entry Level 01. When you  are properly registered at this level, you will be entitled to the following privileges:

[do action=”subheading” shfont=”Impact” shsize=”30px” shcolor=”#e10000″ shweight=”Normal”]Privilege 1: Access to Life Changing Courses:[/do]


[do action=”subheading” shfont=”Impact” shsize=”22px” shcolor=”#e10000″]Entry Level Course 01 – Money Matters:[/do]


moneymattersMoney Matters is on helping you find financial independence. You become wealthy when you believe that you have the ability to become wealthy. Inside, you will learn:

  • How to develop a value you can give to the society in exchange for money.
  • How to increase the quantity of money that flows to you
  • Discover basic ways of acquiring money and the keys that will start you up on the road to financial independence.
  • etc


[do action=”subheading” shfont=”Impact” shsize=”22px” shcolor=”#e10000″]Entry Level Course 02 – How To Increase Your Value:[/do]



You grow in wealth in proportion to the value that you add to people’s lives. If you desire increase in wealth, then give each assignment your best shot. Each of us is a living magnet. We attract success or failure, wealth or poverty depending on what we have built inside us. Become rich inside you, increase your skills; develop yourself and you will rise to the top. In increasing your value, you will learn . . .

  • Why your thoughts determine the quality of your life.
  • How to increase the quality of your thoughts.
  • How to easily decide how high you desire to go in life.
  • How to decide how wealthy you want to be and develop a plan to get to it with the least amount of stress
  • How to increase your self-worth.
  • and much more

[do action=”subheading” shfont=”Impact” shsize=”22px” shcolor=”#e10000″]Entry Level Course 03: How To Develop A Strong Desire For Success[/do]



God grants desires and not wishes.  Every sane person who attains the age of reason wants to succeed. What do you want out of life? Are you satisfied with where you are now or you want to breakthrough to victory and abundance? Have you discovered God’s plan for your life? To succeed, you must want your dreams to be fulfilled, more than you want anything else.

Inside, How To Develop A Strong Desire For Success, you will learn . . .

  • How to discover God’s plan for your life.
  • How to make sure that any dream you have for your life will yield a positive result every single time you try.
  • How giving up some things in your life will lead you to success faster
  • The only thing that will make you triumph over failure, criticisms, adversity and discouragement. Miss this and you will never achieve any level of success.
  • and much more.

[do action=”subheading” shfont=”Impact” shsize=”22px” shcolor=”#e10000″]Entry Level Course 04 – How To Become Wildly Successful In Your Job[/do]



Work was not designed by God to be a curse; it was designed to be a blessing. Work is your tool for achieving your dreams and for blessing others. Are you really happy with what you do presently? Are your dominant gifts and talents being developed? Are you doing the highest quality of work that you are capable of doing? There are some character traits that are necessary for success. These traits are the keys to greatness. Start taking the steps toward success on your job and expect the best.

[do action=”subheading” shfont=”Impact” shsize=”22px” shcolor=”#e10000″]Entry Level Course 05 – How To Achieve Marital Success[/do]



God created man, put him in the garden and gave him work to do.  The woman was refined because she came out of the man’s body. A wholesome and romantic relationship with your spouse will protect you from illicit affairs outside marriage.

Inside this training manual, we will show you  . . .

  • How to succeed as a husband or a wife when you get married
  • The reason why every man should seek knowledge about women generally in order to meet the peculiar needs of their wives. (You have not been told this before)
  • How a woman can cleverly use submissiveness to command tremendous influence over her husband.
  • How singles must prepare to be assets to their life partners and not liabilities.
  • and much more

[do action=”subheading” shfont=”Impact” shsize=”22px” shcolor=”#e10000″]Entry Level Course 06 – Selling To Get Paid[/do]



You get paid in life on the basis of how well you sell. The ability to influence and persuade others is a major requirement for rising to leadership in any field. People need to be aware of how you could be a blessing to them. They need to be aware of your goods and services. Nothing happens until a sale takes place. To make substantial sales in any business, this training manual will show you:

  • The three important factors in selling – products/services, salesperson and customer.
  • How to be the best in your career or area of business.
  • How to understand what people will not buy! This is very important!
  • The only reason why people buy anything. When you understand this, it’s like having a key to a bank vault.

[do action=”subheading” shfont=”Impact” shsize=”22px” shcolor=”#e10000″]Entry Level Course 07 – Freedom from Debt:[/do]



God wants you to be so blessed that you would not have to borrow or owe anybody. Being in debt is being enslaved; owing money is slavery.

This training manual will show you

  • How to get out of any kind of debt FAST!
  • How to never be in debt ever again. Learn this, use it and you will not be caught in that evil trap ever again.
  • How to control your spending and still get what you want
  • How to borrow if you must and how to do it without ever letting it slow your success speed.
  • and much more.


[do action=”subheading” shfont=”Arial” shsize=”28px” shcolor=”#e10000″ shweight=”Normal”]But That’s Not All![/do]

I am also going to give you the following bonus secrets from me and they will be FREE!

You will get  . . .

[do action=”subheading” shfont=”Impact” shsize=”22px” shcolor=”#e10000″]Bonus Training Manual#1 – I Am More Than This[/do]




Inside you’ll learn: Why God created other things first until He came to the crown of His creation, MAN. How God has put gold inside you. Why the devil is after you and why God does not allow a problem to come towards you for which he has not put the solution inside you.

[do action=”subheading” shfont=”Impact” shsize=”22px” shcolor=”#e10000″]Bonus Training Manual #2 – From Victim to Victor[/do]



Many of us believe today that things could have been better for us if some uncles or brothers or friends or even our parents had lived up to our expectations. It is very painful when we are betrayed by people who are very close to us. You will learn inside, how to forgive past wrongs and not let the victim mentality and the habit of proffering excuses stop you from achieving success.

[do action=”subheading” shfont=”Impact” shsize=”22px” shcolor=”#e10000″]Bonus Training Manual #3 – Failing Successfully[/do]



Successful people are failures who refuse to quit and failures are potentially successful people who give up easily. Have you experienced failure in your marriage, exams, business or in your spiritual life? That failure is not an end; it is only a bend. Beyond the clouds, the sun is still shining. If you don’t learn from your mistakes, you are going to make the same mistakes over and over. This training manual will show you how to get out of any difficult situation and go on to winning big!

[do action=”subheading” shfont=”Impact” shsize=”30px” shcolor=”#e10000″ shweight=”Normal”]Privilege 2: Access to a copy of my workbook on Goal Setting[/do]

With this in your hand, you’d have the formula for setting goals and achieving them all the time.


[do action=”subheading” shfont=”Impact” shsize=”30px” shcolor=”#e10000″ shweight=”Normal”]Privilege 3: Access to the private members-only area of my website[/do]

This is the catch. Once you are registered for this entry level, you will be given a secret log-in detail that gives you access to the members only area of my website where I share things I rarely share publicly. More than that, once you made it to that exclusive zone, you have just begun the process that will ultimately make it possible for you to be among the lucky few I will be coaching personally. This is a privilege you should not trade for anything.


[do action=”subheading” shfont=”Impact” shsize=”22px” shcolor=”#e10000″ shweight=”Normal”]Here’s a summary of everything you’re getting:[/do]
Entry Level Course Titles


Money Matters =N= 1,500
How To Increase Your Value =N= 1,500
How To Develop A Strong Desire For Success =N= 1,500
How To Become Wildly Successful In Your Job =N= 1,500
How To Achieve Marital Success =N= 1,500
Selling To Get Paid =N= 1,500
Freedom from Debt =N= 1,500
Bonus Training Manual #1 – I Am More Than This =N= 1,500
Bonus Training Manual #2 – From Victim to Victor =N= 1,500
Bonus Training Manual #3 – Failing Successfully =N= 1,500
Workbook on goal setting =N= 5,500
Membership of my Inner circle =N= 27,500
TOTAL =N= 48,000

Now That You Know The Value of These Secrets, How About You Getting Them FREE? I thought long and hard about giving away these training manuals to you FREE of charge, but I decided not to,

[do action=”subheading” shfont=”arial” shsize=”28px” shcolor=”#e10000″ shweight=”Normal”]Here’s Why . . .[/do]

It has been my experience that most people DO NOT value anything they get for free. Unfortunate, but that’s the way it is. If you went to a store and bought a cool wristwatch, would you just toss it aside and never wear it? No! You would wear it because you’ll want to get full value for the price you paid for it! That’s the same thing I want you to do with this. What I am going to share with you is powerful. I do not want you to simply forget it. When you pay this little amount, I’ll have the confidence to know that you will use and apply the secrets in your own life.

So instead of asking you to pay the FULL value of =N=48,000 for all of those privileges, I only ask you to send us ONLY =N=1,500 and we will let you have them.

Yes, you will get all  the courses and the workbook plus  level 1 membership of my INNER CIRCLE for just N1,500. That’s surely cheap, don’t you think?


[do action=”subheading” shfont=”arial” shsize=”28px” shcolor=”#e10000″ shweight=”Normal”]And That’s Not All . . .[/do]

When you join us on this level, I will show you how you can get access to a one-on-one mentorship from me. I have been preparing with my team, a one-on-one coaching program. Over the next couple of weeks, I will be telling you more about that coaching opportunity, that is if you are among those that get this collection of training manuals. So hurry, do not miss the chance to learn about the mentorship class, coming up.

[do action=”subheading” shfont=”arial” shsize=”28px” shcolor=”#e10000″ shweight=”Normal”]Here’s How To Get Your Training Manuals[/do]


You are just a few steps away from starting the journey that will transform your life Trust me, take action today, and see your life change.


You will succeed.

Sincerely yours,



P.S. Remember only those who purchase this collection will receive further information about our one-on-one mentorship program. Do you want to miss out on that?