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How To Get What You Want; TAKE THE INITIATIVE | Success Power Media


Life is not a reaction, it is an action. People who are highly effective in life are people who are proactive. They do not wait for things to happen, they make things happen.


One of the greatest needs of our country at the moment is entrepreneurs. Our country needs people of action.  Entrepreneurs are people who refuse to surrender their lives to external forces. They are people who take initiative and use time productively.  Entrepreneurs use time and chance as raw materials to create a favorable condition.


Our societal and educational structures produce people who put the responsibility on others to make things happen for them. We have a long list of what the government should do but, do we have one for ourselves as individuals?


The world is designed to be run by man’s internal forces. As a man thinks, so is he. True freedom begins from inside and not from outside. The journey from failure to success is an internal trip. True wealth begins from within you. Those who surrender their lives to external forces never succeed. TO SUCCEED, DO NOT WAIT FOR PERFECT CONDITIONS, MAKE THE CONDITIONS PERFECT.


It is frustrating to see people wait for things to happen and allow time slip by. Without a conscious effort to convert time to one’s advantage, it will be lost. People who take initiative go out and do what they need to do; making the most of every opportunity and not waiting for things to happen. They do what they have to do to make things happen the way they want them to be.


I urge you to be a man or woman of action. Take the initiative by simply making the first move. A lot of people know what they ought to do but they do not do it. 


ONE OF THE MAJOR DIFFERENCES BETWEEN A SUCCESS AND A FAILURE IS ACTION. 95% of people know what they should do but would not do it. A lot of people also know what they should not do but they do it because they feel like doing it. Lots of people have plans and interesting ideas but they never do anything about the ideas.

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It is not impossible to start a business. Check out those who have made it in business and learn from them. Do not sit around hoping that someone will come and hand over a million naira or dollar cheque to you; that is not how it works. Go out there and take control of the external forces that are on ground and make things work out for you.


In conclusion, here are four qualities involved in taking initiative:


Have a clear vision: You have to be able to see your new world in your mind before you start creating it. When I look back today, I realize that I had seen my present world before it came to reality.


Push yourself to act: All objects remain in a state of rest until a force is applied. There is no company, city or nation that built itself. You must understand that in this life problems do not solve themselves. A beautiful future will not create itself. Push yourself to do whatever must be done to create the kind of future you want. Whether you are afraid or not, just make the move. Only those who make moves make waves.


Be willing to take risks: Not acting is riskier than acting. Not taking a risk is the biggest risk in the world. Do not hesitate. Take the sting out of failure by feeling the fear but acting anyway.


Double your ‘failure’ rate: Failure is not failure until you stop trying. You increase your chances of succeeding when you increase the rate at which you try things. The most interesting thing is that, the world will not remember you for the many things you tried that did not work but for the one thing you did that worked.


You have to get out of your comfort zone.  Like the famous author, John Mason once said, “Don’t wait for your ship to come in, swim out to meet it.

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  • Ekong John

    Sir, You have been a role model and a life coach to all of us.You will continue to walk in the path of mind transformation and do everything to eradicate poverty mindset in our nation. Thank you and your lovely wife for being there for us.

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    This is such a great inspirational theme for the new year. Thank you Pastor Sam. Nothing compares with a clear vision in starting the adventure into the new year. However, as you have outlined, no matter how great the vision or plan, if nothing is done with it, it will disappear just the same way it appear in our mind. William Shakespeare says it candidly like this; “Be great in act, as you have been in thought.” Someone else somewhere had the same thought or idea we’ve had – the difference is action! The need for prompt actions can’t be over emphasized. Action they say “speak louder than words (even thoughts!)”. God bless you Sir!

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    The latest however is that I got an idea to start an NGO in 2013. I followed through and put down the objectives and modalities for implementation. I even contacted people who agreed to be trustees. Then I began searching for name. The names kept being denied and I must have submitted up to six through a Lawyer friend. In January this year, we submitted another name after the last one was rejected in December 2016. To the glory of God the name was finally approved mid February after an initial denial and a re-submission. We are working towards registration now and I am grateful to God that He helped me maintain focus until this time.

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