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How I Frustrated And Sent Poverty Packing – Sam Adeyemi | Success Power Media

How I Frustrated And Sent Poverty Packing – Sam Adeyemi

Sam Adeyemi Hello, I am Sam Adeyemi, President of Success Power International. I am a success coach, using different media like TV, radio and Internet to empower more people around the world as much as I can.

If you are a passionate person, working hard and struggling to make it especially here in Nigeria, like I used to, you will know that achieving ALL-ROUND SUCCESS is not an overnight or one-day affair. I am very certain that you have faced challenges, setbacks, obstacles, limitations, disappointments and so on like I did. I am sure you would have also made quite a number of mistakes along the way.

To be totally honest with you, I have also made some serious mistakes but unlike some people, I chose to get back up on my feet, learn the lessons I need and move on.

You see, SUCCESS IS A JOURNEY THAT A WHOLE LOT OF PEOPLE START BUT VERY FEW PEOPLE FINISH. One secret to success a lot of people overlook is the “mystery of mistakes”

What do I mean?

In every mistake lies the potential for achieving success and this potential can only be recognised in the lessons learnt from it.

If I had not made the mistakes I made, I would not have learnt those useful lessons I know today. I have great news for you, YOU DO NOT HAVE TO MAKE THE SAME MISTAKES I MADE AGAIN.

Experiences are good, but it is better to learn from the experiences of others.

Now, I want to REVEAL to you some costly mistakes I made and the lessons I learnt from them.

Read them, use them and keep them.

Let me quickly share one with you.

I was of the opinion that anyone who wanted to achieve success needs to act in a particular way and anybody who acted otherwise was unserious.

I felt I was more serious and success-minded because I was introverted, while my brother who was more social and extroverted was unserious. So I began to resent him. You see, little did I know that my greatest assets were people and people are different from one another. And “being different” does not mean better.

How did I restore my relationship with my brother? How did I change my perspective of successful people? How did I begin to develop better relationships that eventually became one of the keys for my success?

Find out in my FREE E-BOOK. In it, I also share with you my other mistakes and the lessons you need to take with you.


Go to http://successpowermedia.com/freegift to claim your free ebook.

  • Larry

    God bless you more and enrich you with much more wisdom…amen.


    God bless u sir…u are indeed a blessing..ur impartation has raised me up…God strenghten u d more SIR.

  • AmbGoodnews Johnson

    you are a blessing to this generation sir.

  • Ndubisi Owoghiri

    Sir, I would like to know what your definition or criteria for success is. Is it success in business (Money making and worldly acquisitions), marriage,etc, because the only success I know that matters is the success that makes Jesus Christ tell you “well done, good and faithful servant” at the end of this life.

    • Alex Ifesochukwu Uzor

      @Ndubisi, i understand you, but u are wrong. Success is a compound word. You can be successful in business, in marriage, in career, in ministry and in your walk with Christ. When you mismanage your business, it will affect your success in your walk with God. God did not send us here on earth to be failures in human endeavours and only be successful in our walk with Christ because we want to hear Him tell us well done, good and faithful servant. We are here to make impact in any field we find ourselves. I cannot be a better Christian and a terrible ceo. I will be successful in both.

      • Paul

        Success in both yes; but unfortunately in the world of today I have heard people say: there is no morality in business. How can you combine lol!

      • kelly

        mehnnn this is an excellent ansa, thank you UZOR.

      • Ugochukwu Collins Onyekwere

        Very correct

      • Akintunde Dare

        a very good one sir

      • Darling Uzoma

        @Alex, does becoming a better CEO mean one is a better christian? i am gravitating towards what Ndubuisi wrote, if Jesus cannot say well done, good and faithful servant at the end then the business successs is NONSENSE. many Christians have made a shipwreck of their faith in the name of success. i believe in success but i have learnt that good works is not the same as the will of God.

    • Adebisi Adedoyin

      you are very right. it is when Jesus Christ says to you, welldone. that is the greatest success. But the pastor is talking about money success, which is worldly.

      • Boluwade Kujero

        Wrong. Money success is not worldly, It is a constituent of Divine Success. We Christians will continue to shortchange ourselves of God’s total package by such mindsets. We can have it all. Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, David, Job, etc., all had money success and never lost their salvation. We need to attack this lie of the Devil that has been sown among us to impoverish us and limit the effectiveness of our Christianity.

        • Helen

          Thank you Kujero

      • Ugochukwu from Warri

        @Paul and Adebisi: U can actually have both! Did I scare you? I mean you can be a successful entrepreneur and a heaven-bound ,tongue-talking, wonder-working , spirit-filled and a giving Christian. Its only a wrong conditioning that makes us believe otherwise! Remember, Jesus became poor that we might be rich, He lived a “borrowed” life that we might be a lender! Why limit your self then? I recommend T.Harv Eker’s book, Secrets of the millionaire mind. To your success!

    • TRUE

      you are right my brother in Christ. may God give us eternal success.

    • Sam Sam

      Lets be unbiased and fear GOD, though success is a compound word, most
      important-yardstick is a walk, successful walk and dining with the
      almighty God (as God planned for Adam), those who know their God shall
      be STRONG(God Called David,Joseph), and will do
      Exploits(David,Joseph,Samson,Moses,Joshua) and Only output is “the
      success that makes Jesus Christ tell you
      “well done, good and
      FAITHFUL FAITHFUL FAITHFUL servant” at the end of this life as mentioned
      by udubisi ( unconditionally fruitful ones, untiring, same-love model
      without lies, do-as-Jesus characters, not levying masses, really
      concerned about all, living life below and about the masses, not
      extravagant, and not gaining wrongfully on God’s kindness, being poor
      centered, being people-pain conscious, helping, Being cautious and
      careful, that poor member could be CHRIST

      Bible says do not pretend to love them, REALLY love them e.g TenVirgins,.” the total goodness(not partial) is the OIL.

  • Betterway

    I thk God that I & my family came in contact with Ur Ministry!
    Thk God, things are getting BETTER & BETTER… with us!

  • Austine

    God bless you more Pastor Sam. I have read your book such as parable of dollars,start with what you have and idea rule the world. What a powerful books they are.

  • ernestozed

    I love you sir. keep on the good work.

  • Olu Chris

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  • Apokwu Frank

    You are truly a blessing to humanity. I’ve seen you on TV and you do not only preach the Gospel, you teach it to be ingrained our hearts by your life changing sermons. Thank you sir.


    Sir,thank soooooooooo much for this wonderful message.

    sir i want to ask you what are the way forward to be successful in life.

    For me, I am a civil servant and my salary is nineteen thousand nairal only

    how can i make a good impact in humanity in every field

  • John Clement

    “record breakers are adversity breakers”. most men allow themselves to be broken down by adversity; others break records.

  • Salako, S. Adetunji

    unarguably…..u’r such a great teacher as portrayed by Jesus Christ in the bible….how I wish am In very close contact with u….av learnt a lot from ur teachings and they are doin greatly well in my life……God bless u sir

  • laja

    you are to much baba and i know that as GOD made you today to be your own master the same GOD must make me too,to be on my own self master and successful in this world in Jesus NAME…………..omolaja by my name
    GOD bless you more SAm Adyemi

  • Oreniyi Adeleke Jacobs

    You’re sincerly a leading coach. One thing I believe you need more is the help of God because you’re human being. I promise I will be praying for you. One thing I cherish in the life of a success is ‘discipline’. I pray for you sir, you will not fail Him. God bless you.

  • Paul

    You can see the long awaited single titled: Say No To Terror here: http://t.co/fNZ6hAqFho

  • Yakubu R. Marshal

    Just discovered you in DayStar church on 21/07/2013 during one of your Sunday morning services. I believe the greater part of the society who definitely need you have not yet heard of you. Just came in from Abuja, but already have my testimony to share.

    Thank you and God Bless you sir.

  • bosun daniel

    Good day sir, I am bosun daniel, I join your members of inner circle couple of days ago where by we are ask to pay 1500 into success power media limited which I did payed into your gtb acct after which I followed the next procedure but all proved abortive. kindly help me out.

  • perpetual opara

    God Bless u Sir, I pray for more blesses upon ur life Amen.

  • chinaka

    wow! what a book, thanks sir for reminding me of these principles. Hope to get more updates from you,i will share the book with everyone around me.
    I’m blessed!

  • Oluyemsi Adedipe

    Success is of GOD, I see a new and better future for me and my family through the words I read this morning. The curse of poverty is broken in Jesus’ name.

  • ayodeji

    i gained alot from your books

  • Osagie

    All my life I have tried to work hard . I have succeeded in almost I set out to achieve and failed in some areas .But each time I succeed I do not feei fulfiled.Are I doing something wrongly.

    • BroVic

      Have you been reconciled to God through Jesus Christ? If not, you will never be fulfilled. The ultimate success is succeeding at what God purposed for you, not in your personal ambition. And that purpose can only be revealed to you when you are reconciled to Him. This is actually why Jesus came. Best wishes.

  • Ntachiosa New Haven

    please sir, is successful material satisfactions or or otherwise

  • Israel Onyije

    Hello Forum Members. Can somebody tell me what will happen to a person when he/she engage himself/herself in writing a christian magazine ( Inspiring the life of Christians) and publishing it to the public for totally free without charging money for it?

    Please, speak.

  • obe

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  • Promise Iwuchukwu

    i love ur efforts,may God bless u real gud.i want to knw wats success and achievment?

  • Tayo joshua

    Students willing to study in Cyprus, can email me (johnjoshua512@gmail.com) for details, Am studying there and presently loving it.

  • John

    Sir, thanks a lot for your little word on success. How do one get along with people who are believers and they keep hurting you and it is a command to love by God.

  • Thomas Okojie

    Am surprised people are talking about success as worldly. Jesus talked about success in the story of the five talents how the man with more gave thanks and received more. while the guy with a talent complained and what he had was collected from him and given to the rich. Jesus also warned and said to you my people I will speak plainly and you will understand me. This situation still happens in our society today. Everything goes to the rich or the man who thanks God for what he has and what some people overlook with complaining and always asking God why me tou no dey see? Imagine questions is what the successfull man does with ease. Of course has what the poor man has not been taken away? Yes. I bet you when You see Pastor Adeyemi and the splendor surrounding him you will not know when you God so a man can live like this why do you not give me such? Thats from a complaining man who previously didnt like success and see no need for it. But a faithfull man sees it and say Lord thank you as long as you could do it for this man then you can do it for me. I thank you for giving me an opportunity to see this and know how to arrange mine. you see the difference? God say multiply abi? So dey there dey say success is not necessary. maybe you dont really like people and would love to see them get out of suffering or even yourself. Hissing

  • TRUE


  • Tayo joshua

    Anyone interested in studying in cyprus can send me an email (johnjoshua512@gmail.com) for details. its cool studying here

  • enoch adeniyi

    Tnxs, Rev sam. Pls can you shed more light on success and fulfillment.

  • mark

    Live long my great pastor



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  • ayodeji ibiejugba

    just like the scriptures speaks concerning Abraham- God blessed him in all things: i believe we can be successful in all ares of life including our walk of faith if we will learn to follow God’s leading and guidance for our lives

  • bblola

    In this present world, and all civiliazations around us, Nigeria as we can see, cannot provide the basic need for her citizen. Without it, there is no success.
    power, water, food, good road, education, health, transportaions and security
    this all eight must be met, so as individual to have success, All of us must talk to
    GMB to do all of this, start from electricity, then the problem of Nigeria will reduce

  • Peter ThankGod

    This book of the law
    shall not depart out of thy mouth; but thou shalt meditate therein day
    and night, that thou mayest observe to do according to all that is
    written therein: for then thou shalt make thy way prosperous, and then
    thou shalt have good success. Joshua 1:8

  • Peter ThankGod

    What do I mean?

    In every mistake lies the potential for achieving success and this
    potential can only be recognised in the lessons learnt from it.

    If I had not made the mistakes I made, I would not have learnt those
    useful lessons I know today. I have great news for you, YOU DO NOT HAVE
    TO MAKE THE SAME MISTAKES I MADE AGAIN. Based the above quoted by Sam Adayemi himself…. for any man to stand out… there must outstanding… Mistakes are stepping stones to success in life… Thank you Pastor Sam A.

  • S.P Berchie

    It is written 2 Timothy 2:23, Titus 3:9 but foolish words avoid…… ” brethren what at all has the ”Success” message endangered? if one understand failure to be of all standards, how simple could one not understand ”success” in a simple contest in character wise….. if one ignores the success in business or in every endeavor of life, thinking wise of ”good servant thou have done well. Then why do you admire the prophecy of the prophet? if you are of Jesus Christ, you may know that ”Trust in God to be established, and believe in His prophet to prosper
    2 chronicles 20:20, talk abt success. O Generation of vipers having the form of godliness but denying the power thereof: from such turn away. 2timothy 3:5-6