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“I just want to say thank you for all your inspiring words and prophecies. On Saturday the 28th June I graduated as a professional in procurement and supply chain management in Birmingham, UK. This feat could only be possible because I received encouraging words from people like you to press on even when things looked tough. Before I summoned courage to start, my earnings was not so much but I knew it was time to increase my value as one of your coaching materials mentioned.

One thing I realised was that the moment I summoned courage to start and even dropped a postdated check to my tutor as a step of faith, there was a turnaround in my finances. Even my past insurance savings was due that period for part collection of which I had to withdraw from. At a point in the course, I failed 2 courses, but having read failing successfully (another coaching material), I kept on going and rewrote the subject and by God’s grace I made it. I give God praise.

Your daily emails have been very encouraging to me. Today after 24 months of consistent study and unwavering determination, I have graduated as an MCIPS holder with other global associates. Funny enough, among all the
people I started the course with in 2012, none has been able to finish. Some are still struggling as they see it difficult to finish, but God gave me courage to take up all the modules for each level and pass them all coupled with my hectic work schedules. Thanks for good coaching in level 1. I was blessed by the forum discussion board and study materials. I have just enrolled for the level 2 programme last week. Now I am ready for my next level.” – Comfort

“My name is Michael a Nigerian Citizen married with three children, I and my family are residing in the Republic of South Africa. The very first time I came across this life changing programme was last year 2013 when I watched Sam at ACBN channel immediately after his teaching I logged onto his website then I joined the level 1 coaching programme lead by this my great mentor Sam Adeyemi.

I have lived in South Africa for over 12yrs now but do not know how to plan and make savings. After the level 1, I began to put all those principles in practice one by one the first thing I started was savings followed by planning.

I finished my secondary school in 1996 but could not further my education into University due to some unforseen financial problem. In 2003, I left Nigeria to South Africa, but before I left Nigeria, I had a dream that one day I will fund myself into University. In 2006, I returned back to Nigeria and got married then I came back to South Africa with my wife, we are happily married with 3 children. After the 1st Level programme, I and my wife carefully started planning through what we learnt from SACP 1st Level.

We have been tenant renting some apartment that cost us an amount of R7,000.00 for rent alone every month which if you change to Naira is N106,500 every month for renting a two bedroom apartment only. Today I and my wife have purchased our own house worth of R750,000.00 cash which if you convert to Naira is about N11,409,000.00 we are no more tenants but landlord now in South Africa. When the 2nd Level came I went and grabbed it. I applied for admission to study in the University this year 2014 and luckly for me, they granted me admission into University of South Africa to Study Business Management. I am already doing that in my first year semester now. All these things happen because of SACP’s Manangement.”- Michael

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“I have been blessed by your inspiring and encouraging words. I really enjoy your advice and I am working with them. Thanks for being my mentor. I finally started a marketing agency business and you are my source of inspiration.” -Ovie

“Thank you sir for all the enlightenment and understanding I have gotten and still getting through the various e-mails I have received so far from you. My rate of digesting the information has increased and my capacity to retain vital information necessary for my transformation has improved as well. More importantly I am putting to practice the things I am learning. I want to really appreciate you sir. My perspective about life has really changed. I check my e-mail everyday to make sure I don’t miss out on any development about the coaching program. I pray for increase of God’s grace upon your life and ministry.”- Poju

“Thank you sir, since I started this coaching programme, I have being blessed greatly. I even started my ministry and God has been faithful to me.”- Timipere