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7 Keys to Financial Freedom

One of the major goals you and I have in life is financial independence and freedom. Achieving financial freedom is getting to the point where we don’t have to worry about money anymore. Money is important for effective living; nothing can take the place of money in the area in which money works. In this series, 7 Keys to Financial Freedom, Sam Adeyemi shares some practical tips you can start to apply IMMEDIATELY to negotiate your way into financial prosperity.


A.True wealth actually starts from the inside out.

It is first within then without. You cannot prosper beyond the level of development that has taken place inside of you. You become wealthy when you believe that you have the ability to become wealthy. All things are possible to him that believes. What you believe determines what you do. You will always take actions that will turn your belief into reality.

To acquire the money desired, you must believe that you have the God-given ability to make money. When you believe that you can make money, you will begin to do the things that will attract money, rather than give excuses.

B. Believe there is no shortage of money around you.

If you believe that money is in short supply, you must correct that impression immediately. God created everything in abundance, if there is any shortage it is artificial. Break free from the ‘not enough’ mentality; develop the ‘more than enough’ mentality. You have all that you need. Get rid of scarcity mentality; develop abundance mentality.

Brian Tracy, inspirational speaker and author says “we live in an abundant universe in which there is sufficient money for all who really want it and are willing to obey the laws governing its acquisition.” There is no real shortage; plenty of money is available to you.

C. You deserve to be rich

Settle it once and for all; God wants you to prosper financially. You deserve to be financially blessed as much as anybody else. Those who are rich around you are not necessarily men and women of extraordinary intelligence; they are essentially just like you. Since God has done it for them, He will do it for you also.

D. Develop a correct mindset about money

To achieve financial freedom, you must develop a correct mindset about money. Some say that the bible says “money is the root of all evil”. Nothing could be further from the truth. The bible actually says that the love of money is the root of all evil. Actually, money does many good things; it puts food on our table, clothes on our back, roofs over our head and much more.

Once again, let this sink deep into your heart, money is not the root of all evil, in my estimation, the lack of money is the root of most evils.

E. Believe not that all rich people are evil

Do not make the mistake of believing that those who have a lot of money are evil and nasty. As long as you believe that, you will repel money especially if you believe that you are a good person. Celebrate those who have made their money legitimately. Their breakthrough is a confirmation that your own is on the way.

F. Decide to be wealthy!

The next thing you must do is to decide to become wealthy. A Nigerian proverb says, “If you pound yam on fresh leaves, and prepare the soup in small groundnut shells, the person that will be satisfied will still be satisfied.” That means that however scarce money is, some people will still be rich. I said to myself some years ago, that if our country’s yam is pounded in leaves, and its soup is prepared in tiny groundnut shells, I will be satisfied. That point of decision was where things began to change. It is now your turn. Everything you need is around you. Just believe, because what you believe is what you become.

G. Change who you are

I talked extensively about this process of transformation in my latest book, Success Is Who You Are. I mentioned in it that the difference between the rich and the poor is not essentially in what they have, it is not even in what they do; it is in who they are. Being must precede doing. It is who you are at the core of your heart that determines the direction of your life. As a man thinks in his heart so is he. Like a sage said, “the heart of the matter is the matter of the heart”. You see, the journey from rags to riches is an internal trip. To have what the rich have, you must first become who they are then you must do what they do.

At the core of your being are your thoughts. You are literarily what you think. To change who you are, change your thoughts. Think like the rich then talk like the rich. When you alter your thoughts, you alter your life.
You will succeed!


  • True wealth starts from the inside . First within and then without
  • Write down 7 reasons why you are not yet rich. (Please realize that they are just excuses.)
  • Write 7 good reasons why you should be wealthy.

PS:  To assist you on the journey to financial freedom, I have a powerful document for you titled: What I Would Do Differently: The 7 Mistakes That Almost Aborted my Dream. It is powerful. You don’t want to miss it. To claim it right way, fill your details in the boxes to the right of this page.

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    * Because I can help others this way
    * Because I can fulfill my destiny this way
    * Because I can build a legacy this way

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      I should be wealthy because I am ordained to eat the tree of life
      I should be wealthy because I am a destiny child
      I should be wealthy because of helping the needy and less privelege
      I should be wealthy because of my family
      I should be wealthy because of the Gospel sake
      I should be wealthy because I want to be financially independent

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    I should be wealthy because I am a destiny child
    I should be wealthy because of helping the needy and less privelege
    I should be wealthy because of my family
    I should be wealthy because of the Gospel sake
    I should be wealthy because I want to be financially independent

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    Reason Why I should be Wealthy
    a. Because I am a covenant child
    b. It is God desire for me
    c. Wealth is my Heritage
    d. To populate the kingdom of God
    e. To help the needy
    f. To engage on Humanitarian Course
    G. To meet my family and my needs

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    7 Reasons I should be Wealthy
    * Jesus became poor that I should be Wealthy
    * It is the Lord’s command, II John 3v2
    * Prosperity is my birthright (I am born again)
    * That i may become a blessing to His kingdom (Nations)
    * It is one of the benefits of salvation
    * That the gospel of the Lord JESUS may expand and flourish
    * That the name of the LORD ay be glorify

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    Am wealthy for Gods kingdom expansion
    Am wealthy becos the wisdom of a poor man is despised
    Am wealthy for the less privileged in the society
    Am wealthy to be a blessing to all nations of the earth
    Am wealthy to fulfill Destiny
    Am wealthy becos GOD want`s it so
    Am wealthy in order to have a good family,comfort & an envious home

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    7 Good Reasons Why I should be wealthy

    1.I should be wealthy because I’m created in the image of a wealthy God

    2. I should be wealthy because it is He(wealthy God) who gives me power to make wealth

    3. I should be wealthy because I need to posses the good things of life

    4. I should be wealthy because I need to take good care of my nucleus and extended families

    5. I should be wealthy because the gospel of Christ must be preached all over the world

    6. I should be wealthy because I need to take good care of the poor, widows, orphans and less privileged persons in the world

    7. I should be wealthy because God delights in my prosperity

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    2. I procastinates.
    3. Cannot even tell who I really am.(I have idea but not d main knowledge).