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There is an ancient story I will like to share with you. A slave prisoner named Joseph was invited to the palace in Egypt. The king had a problem that nobody had been able to solve. Joseph solved the problem and he was promoted to the position of Prime Minister. He woke up in prison that morning but slept in the palace that night.

Dear friend, I pray that there will be a turn-around in your finances from today.

The first key to financial freedom is PURPOSE.

You were born to solve a problem.. What is that problem? What is your life assignment? What problem angers you? What do you love to do? You see, money flows in the direction of emotional energy. You must identify those values and personal needs that you feel strongly about. Do you value freedom, adventure, love, security, health, beauty, integrity, confidence, having fun, affecting lives or living a life of significance?

If you were to get all the money you will ever need to spend today, what will you enjoy doing for the rest of your life? When you identify your purpose and values, list the activities around them that can bring money. Your wealth is hidden in the things you are passionate and excited about.

Next, treat money well. Money is like a lover which when courted and treated well flows towards us in increasing quantities. But when it is not treated well, it has a way of avoiding us.

To him that has, more will be given, to him that has not; even what he has will be taken away. In other words, money flows from those who do not manage it well to those who manage it well. We increase our wealth by lowering our expenses while increasing our income.

Dear friend, one of the secrets to financial freedom is to spend less than you earn. If you do not develop this habit, even if your income increases, you may not grow richer, because you will spend everything.

Save some of your income. With the help of financial advisors, invest in insurance, shares, properties and other areas of business.

When you begin to treat money this way, it will begin to flow towards you. It will flow so fast you will wonder where it has been all this while.

Thirdly, establish relationships with financial mentors. He who walks with the wise will be wise but the companion of fools will be destroyed. We never rise beyond the quality of those we closely associate with. Our association will determine our promotion.

Be careful whose advice you follow. Get as much advice as possible. But consider more seriously the advice of those who have achieved what you are trying to achieve. Remember, no one is taught how to make money in school. What you learn from your mentors may be the most valuable information you will get on the issue of money. And you will likely get it for free.

Next, have a winning idea. Ideas rule the world. In other words, creative thoughts rule this world. Dr. Robert Schuller once said that the poor man is not the one who lacks money but the one who lacks ideas. All of the great ventures around us began as ideas in people’s minds.

To develop creative ideas, always establish definite goals with deadlines. Then take time to think. You may get a creative idea of your own or simply adapt something that is already in existence. Add something extra to it. However, the most powerful ideas come from God and you get them by praying, meditating on the Word of God and by giving to God’s work. When God transfers ideas into your mind, He is transferring wealth into your life. Watch out for your breakthrough ideas.

Finally, start with what you have. Most of us do not take bold steps towards the acquisition of riches because we believe that we do not have what we need to start with. As long as we focus on what we do not have, we will never start.

Dear friend, your greatest capital is your spiritual, mental and physical capacity. You can pray. You can think through. You can do something with your hands. You can sell some items. You can work for free in your dream organization; just do something to add value somewhere. Take a small step and God will turn it into a giant step towards financial freedom.

To your success!
Sam Adeyemi

  • Okechukwu

    Thank you Sir,u are a blessing to our generation.i am eagerly waiting for the second level.

    • Christian

      This article is very insightful, it has just me to think further on other areas of becoming a problem solver. Since I join this forum, I have being inspired and motivated to break out of the box, which made me to be a problem solver today in my area of passion and I am making exploit in it. God bless you sir and more grace to you.

      • Murphy

        Thanks, your article has impacted my life. I’ve been highly uplifted in all ramifications. God bless you.

  • Charles Effiong

    Good morning. First of i am grateful to God almighty for making you to be a role model in our generation and for using you to transform uncountable lives on daily basis. All i can say is that God that knows how to give good gifts should continue to endow you with divine wisdom from above and protect you from every satanic assaults in Jesus precious name.
    What you have shared so far with us, there is no amount of money that can buy it.
    I deeply appreciate you and your ministry.
    God bless you and will continue to make your face to shine with wisdom on this planet earth.
    Yours sincerely, Charles Bassey Effiong.

  • Karo

    I always look forward to receiving your message of inspiration and promotion. I know and believe that each time I study messages from you, I’m blessed and position for success. Thank you so much SIR for blessing me. I will forever be grateful. God bless you Sir.


    Wow! Kudos to you Man of God. The principles sound familiar, but they are a reminder of what we know which we need to apply constantly. I will read it again and again.

  • Obaniola Sule

    Thank you so much sir and God bless you!

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    This is awesome. Ur messages are life transforming. Thanks and God bless.

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  • Thanks very much sir, for sharing this insightful article. They are the right words needed for this time. God bless you greatly sir.

  • Ayo

    This is not new to me but a renewal to me.Each time I want to talk to you one one one sir I keep playing ur message over and over again till I sleep off.I keep my pen and paper beside me CIA I knw by the time I wake up there will be solution.(I will put the same message on repeat,it will make me sleep and it will wake me up).

    Sir I thank you,Increase in ur grace.

  • Tosin

    This is very insightful sir, may God in his mercy continue to empower you with abundant wisdom. Am so glad i have you as my mentor.

  • Peter Elaye Omemu

    Simple but powerful. I cant wait to begin applying the principles. Thank you.

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    Thanks for the tips beat, I must be part of 2nd level. More grace sir.

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    I am so happy to come in contact with you through your Radio on AKBC Channel 90.5FM. Your teachings always inspire me. May God continue to bless you for this generation.

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    you are a blessing to our generation, keep the great work up Sir.

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    Thank you sir. You are a blessing to our generation and God will continue to increase you.

  • Rick Godwin Edward

    Thanks for the privilege to be on this platform to be connected to you. I must sincerely say that you are different from others who hoard information. Honestly, your transparency in sharing your experiences is amazing.

    I listen to your Ministry Series MP3. It is for me a daily Manna. Am blessed and richly empowered to do the work of the ministry and teach others likewise. God Bless you.

  • Rick Godwin Edward

    The secrets of Financial freedom. My action Plan 1. Spend less than you earn, 2. Get a financial mentor. I have choose you. Thanks for the Privilege.

  • Erasto Malila

    It is always good to be well informed rather than being unaware on financial freedom knowledge. Thanks Sam for sharing with us!

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    sir any time am hearing your program or read your book it was an eye opener for me he always have mean in my life , but sir is as been long hearing you in AIT on Saturday.

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    Good evening sir,i am glad am a part of this training,i have learned alot today. From today henceforth i will start saving and investing. I have renewed my mentality to the principle of selling

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    Thank you Sir, all what you said is true.I was determined to locate a passive mentor which I found your materials to be thought-provoking. Am glad to be on the eagles’ wings in your training programs. May the grace of God upon your life never diminish but it will increase without measures!

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    Right from the day i joined this programmed i knew it that my journey to success has began sir you are a blessing to this generation even generation to come keep it up sir and God bless you my Mentor

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    Sir,You are indeed a solution and a blessing to our world.Am always blessed by your word daily.
    Many thanks.

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    Countless number of your messages has right the wrong of my life. You are just a wonderful gift to this generation.I think my access to some of your writeup is like a divine arrangement. Anytime am reading your mails, it always appear as if, have discussed my personal problems with you bcos all your messages,that ve digested always serve as problem solver to one or two issues that ve been battling with for some time before now.

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    Everyone looking for a happier, more successful and more enlightened life should aim to overcome

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    “The first key to financial freedom is PURPOSE: You were born to solve a problem.. What is that problem? What is your life assignment? What problem
    angers you? What do you love to do? You see, money flows in the direction of emotional energy.” this is an eye opener for me!

  • Emmanuel Etti

    “Spend less than you earn”

    I have plant this statement in my mind and must follow this directive to achieve my goals. Thank you mentor.

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    This system gives you 30% of anything u provide in one monthi highly recommend it to all http://nigeria-mmm.net/?i=fejibabi22@yahoo.com

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    Wow! This is awesome and its practical very simple and am sure it really works because I have been following you since the time of success power in Radio back in 90’s God bless you sir because you’re blessing to this generation

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    with your wonderful insightful words of encourage every day by day,sir its known to me and very clear that my generations can never be poor again,infact the word poor is know were to be find anymore in my generational dictionary.Thank you dear sir,mentor,teacher,coach and my mentor.God willing in time soon you will be celebrate by all of at WISBIT GLOBAL OIL PALM VENTURES.

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    God bless u too and increase ur annointing

  • Dewon

    This is appreciated. I agree that we were created to solve a problem. At the same time we need capital to small. What we find out today is that our source of employment majority of the time they pay us money that we can only use to keep body and soul together not to talk of savings. I this wise, all the idea that one will have in order to key into the solution we are to solve on earth is not possible. In this case what can we do?

    • Thank you Dewon for your question. Starting with what you have is recommended. You can also put aside a certain amount from your income on a regular basis in order to finance your selected project. You will succeed!

  • Joseph Adeniyi

    Thank you sir. You are a blessing!

  • Wilson Nneji

    This is insightful and challenging.

  • Mary

    God bless you more Sir. Personally, I find this rather profound especially at this time when our dear country Nigeria is going through a lot. I was listening to a radio program this morning where the anchor asked people to call in with practical suggestions on how exactly we would get Nigeria out of its current mess. Brethren, 99% of the callers were complaining, repeating the problems, and some even went as far as declaring very negative things for the country, my heart tore even more. Now is the time you and I need to begin to see which of the numerous problems we are here to solve! Complaining and blaming the government has never helped us (though I agree that most people are passing through a lot as well). Thank God for HIS timely Word through His vessel, Pst Sam. More blessings on your ministry Sir. On the other hand, I have had this confusion for a long time about financial freedom and locating one’s life assignment. For instance, if I had all the money in the world today, I think that I would still do more than one thing! I love music so much (I’m a growing music minister), then I love helping visions grow (l’m running an MBA program in a business school, and I have some businesses I support with ideas, including where I work), I also hate seeing people suffer (I want to do philanthropy, and I’m already starting very little in my local church). Please, which of these is my life’s assignment, or is something wrong with me?

    • Thank you Mary for your question. Most people have more than one gift. Look for your most dominant gift; the one you do with most ease. Build on it and then gradually work on the others to support it. You will succeed!

      • Mary

        Amen! Thank you Sir.

    • Philip Olatunde

      Thank you Mary,I love your comment.In Nigeria,we can’t keep blaming the government and expect a change,the change starts with us.Like it was said in the song”We are the world” written by Michael Jackson and Lionel Richie,”we can’t go on pretending day by day that someone somehow will soon make a change”.It’s time each and everyone of us take responsibility for our lives and think of what we can do as an individual to make our country a better place.My passion is business and I have also started raising others also in business.My sister,keep developing yourself and help the people you can.Like Paul Zane says,”You win when you help others win”.God bless you.

  • Chikwadom

    nice thought from you sir, keep encouraging us the upcoming ones…..thanks

  • Tolulope Lajumoke

    Hello Sir, how do i turn my passion of speaking into a business. while I was in uni I volunteered to teach during cell meetings after graduating i also volunteered as an assistant cell lleader in church. I do it without stress. although, professionally, I’m a banker. but i really want to follow my passion but I don’t know how it will fetch me money.

  • Babatunde Yaya

    Great piece… May God bless you sir.

  • kehinde ishola

    Thank you sir for the words of wisdom. If I may ask sir, how can one overcome fear of the unknown. You want to do something or you have an idea but you do not know how to go about it. Lots of thoughts in the head if what I am about to do is right or wrong etc.which eventually discourages one from it.
    Secondly sir, how can I be more consistent with the things I have learnt. For instance I have planned to read at least book every month or pray everyday. I do it consecutively for sometime and then gradually, the zeal which I started with begins to drop. Is there anything I can do to kill inconsistence?

  • Emmanuel Paul

    Wow!!! powerful write up Sir. Anytime i read your post, i get fired up to do something new. i read your daily mail everyday and i took the bold step to start my clothing line last year and this month is making it the one year anniversary. i can tell you that i am happy and flourishing. Looking forward to the day that i will present my products to you. Thanks Sir and God bless you.

    • Congratulations Emmanuel! That is great! Keep on succeeding!

  • Deeburg01

    You have been and would still be a blessing to me personally . God bless you Sir

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    God bless you sir, your anointing will not run dry in Jesus name

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